Robert Chiwamba’s Flames Sidzamva a hotcake


Following Malawi’s disgraceful beating yesterday at the hands of the Warriors of Zimbabwe, Malawi24 registered over one thousands requests for Robert Chiwamba’s Flames Sidzamva poem on our Facebook page within an hour after the game.

Roberty Chiwamba Flames Sidzamva

Flames Sidzamva

The Warriors of Zimbabwe squeezed 3 goals through Malawi’s goal post in Harare. The Flames, who were too shy in front of the goal of their host, hardly threatened their opponents.

The results has ended Malawi’s AFCON campaign while opening a can of criticism for the team’s poor performance.

“What a Load of Rubbish” glittered the Daily Times backpage while the Nation newspaper opened it’s back-story with the Flames ‘fall-from grace’ confirmed.

With 11 points as leaders of Group L following the win, the Warriors have successfully sealed a ticket to the 2017 Afcon tournament in Gabon.

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  2. Zoti ma player amalila ndikungonja kuli kusweka mtima nde saflameztu nde ali ndi macoach flames ngat adayambila sukulu limodzi amvekere we need fresh blood kma ada awawa awa sadzatheka chiwamba

  3. That is not a national team but Blantyre select team. Mtawali have never win for Malawi, in each case. He is a coach with loosing mentality

  4. vuto sicoach or maplayers ai koma ma administrators mmene ankalembedwa ntchito n dinanva kuti apanga build team not apange qualify ku AFCON ayi ndikhalidwe limenelo olo atabwela katswiri otani sizingatheke A malawi phuma linachuluka ndichifukwa zinthu zimatikanika

  5. A FAM achoke onse zinthu zikuyenela kukonzedwa kuyambila kumawutsogoleli onsat thaw zonse tidzingonyoza anayamata anthu ajawa mpando chiutengelen zinthu sizikusitha amta 22year alipampando kom tili busy kunyoza anyamata tiyambe akuluakuluwa

  6. U need to pass exams for you get scollaship .u need to work hard to convince someone to pay your fees. Flames they need to work hard and give us good results for them to get our support otherwise were tired of being supporting the loosing team

  7. For the Love of the Flames Often I feel the need to comment on the National Football team’s misfortunes but seldom do I have the energy to begin to write. Where do we start? Are the Flames indeed a “Load of Rubbish” as one Anonymous Times Reporter puts it? Is the problem with the National Team the National Team? Are our expectations of the Flames realistic? Often these questions are left divided in opinion. I do not think calling the National Team a “Load of Rubbish” is a sensible or fair argument. We supporters call for change every time the team performs badly. We call for management change then squad change then government reform all in the name of hoping the team plays better. We want success instantly. We want to see a group of old tired souls gallivant the field in one last hurrah, defying age, time and most importantly statistics. To conquer the the continent against all odds and bring pride to a national that would careless about their success. My opinion, Malawi has potential. Choose whatever football model to learn from, Spain, Ivory Coast, Leicester or maybe even Brazil. The fact remains, Attitude, Discipline, Continuity and Belief wins titles in the long run. Give the team time not pressure. After all we won’t be able to pay for the teams travel expenditures. # justsaying All for the love of the Flames, or whatever is left of them. “Believe in your potential even if you haven’t seen the results”

  8. Kugonja kwa Flames kwapangitsa kuti anyamata achisodzera asiye kulimbikira masewera ampira wa miyendo m’dziko muno. Malawi a moto aja lero ndi madzi ozizira omwe matimu osiynasiyana angokumwa mosavuta!

  9. Izi ndizogwetsa ulesi kodi mpira umene amasewela ndiwo uti kapene ndiwakumalawi basi nanga ndiumene anthu ena amasewela ngati?Izi ndizovetsa chisoni abale 3_0 aaaaa kkkkkk kumangovina mground ena akusewala mpira conco nabola moyo amwene,pitani uko ana ochititsa manyazi.

  10. coach and fam president achoke.flames si blantyre yokha( i mean noma ndi BB) kinnah amkatenga ma players a silver,b eagles,noma,BB,civo,moyale ndipo timu inkachita bwino.koma alipowa angotha ndalama za boma.tatopa mkulira ife,zisinthe basi

  11. Flemes ndi team imene anthu amayikonda koma vuto ndiloti anthu atopa ndi kuludza kwa team muyi. Sichina ayi koma, anthu akufuna kuwina kwa national team

  12. How can we win if the Coach keep on changing the team,imagine the best team we had in 2015Cosafa which won a plate is nowhere to be seen.young players like Gerald Phiri Jnr alikuti?Anzathu team imene inakwapula ma team enawo ndiyomweyo koma ife kuyetsa zida mpaka Yesu adzabwera tikulira mayooh!!!Komabe Joseph Kamwendo anaonetsa udolo wake!!Amatha Jk!!Flames sidzamva oooooh!! Khama Brilliant mbambandeeeeeeeeeeeeeh

  13. Guys I am so Happy and proud about myself,that is why I want to share my Happiness with You,yesterday I saw myself on TV,when I switch it OFF. #flames_sidzamva B-) :-C :-V <3

  14. Vuto anthunuso NDA mene mumawapatsa tsoka ma players,nthawi zonse kuwanyoza mmalo mowapempherera enanuso mapazi adapotoka kalekale oti simungathe kusewera ndi mpila omwe APA,koma kunyoza team yanu patsogolo,always amakhala ndi stress chifukwa alibe chilimbikitso.kuno atulukaso koma simungamve anthu kuwamyoza ayi amapitabe mwa unyinji Ku airport kukawalandila I mean Bafanabafana.chikondi mulibe a Malawi.

  15. We do not have anything to warrant a win over organised teams like Zimbabwe despite the failed economy of Zimbabwe Malawi cannot defeat them. We do not have a coach, players and budget. We are a cursed nation. We need to find a coach, players,
    a budget and political will

    • Dan, as a nation Malawians we are so blessed by the Almighty God. Think of the the Lakes, rivers, beautiful mountains, the peace we hv in our country from the time Malawi was founded as a nation no war, and many other things. Cant we thank God for all these blessings? Our national team losing matches does not signify curses. We only need to sit and rectify our problems.

    • Of course is cursed because at no point have we thought of sorting all the mess we have in this small nation apart from pursuing rotten politics with rotten people therein. There has been no efforts to rectify what is broken as a nation in all spheres of life. Talk of social ills that have gripped our country yes it is a cursed nation

  16. FAM ikulephera ntchito yake tili ndi ma players odziwa mpira from Nsanje to Chitipa,basi kumaseweretsa nkhalamba poti ankagoletsa 15 years ago

  17. Whoever nicknamed this team Flames should withdraw it unconditionally. I say this because flames burn but our team is always ice cold on the field of play. Zoonadi plames sidzamva.

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