Massive turnout for Theo’s show

Theo Thomson..

…hundreds fail to get in

Theo Thomson..
Theo Thomson kills it on stage.

A huge crowd thronged Robins Park in Blantyre yesterday to witness launch of White Elephant album by Malawi’s sensational RNB singer Theo Thompson.

The artist’s great publicity paid dividends during his second album launch as a huge crowd came to witness the occasion.

Lack of breathing space, intensive heat, and getting caged amidst fellow humans, characterised the album launch.

However, many people missed the event while at the venue having been denied admission . The hall proved to be too small to contain the attendance hence locking others out.

The speakers that were provided outside mitigated the effect with the rejected resorting to dancing. While some were showcasing their dancing moves, others were taking pictures to be uploaded on social networks in all likelihood.

Theo show
Some fans could not do anything but remain outside.

Musician, Blaze, was among the locked out but he brought joy to the fans. Every person that spotted the Nzakufusira Chibale singer wanted him for a picture taking spree, and the artist met their want.

Inside the hall, it was all fun with Theo giving it his very best, making a dance and sing along unavoidable.

The supporting acts were also on top of their game that they entertained the lucky attendees to the maximum as evidenced by the resounding cheers.

Efforts to talk to Theo after the much anticipated album launch did not bear fruits as the tight security made it impossible for this journalist.

However, through other media platforms, the May be tomorrow singer expressed his heartfelt gratitude to his fans for the support.

Joining in thanking the fans, Ron CZ, who was part of the organising team, expressed how thrilled he was.

He hinted that White elephant album launch will be taken to Lilongwe next. It does not have to take the Blantyre based artist to say the event was a success but everyone that attended the events knows so.

Another celebrity artist, Barry One, has spoken highly about the show through his Facebook account.



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