‘Dexter Kanike was beaten with metals’-Police


Unknown thugs beat ex Malawi Broadcasting Corporation (MBC) -Television presenter Dexter Kanike with metals- something which led to his death, police say.

Dexter Kanike

Dexter Kanike slain.

Kanike who hosted Melody Hour program on MBC TV died on Wednesday and was attacked at his residence in Chirimba Blantyre.

According to Blantyre Police Publicist, Elizabeth Divala, the thieves had demanded money from Kanike and when he kept saying he had no money, they beat him up with metals.

Divala says the thieves then went ahead to steal money that they had found before they took Kanike’s laptop and left him struggling for his life.

Police say Kanike died at the Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital.

At the moment, doctors are to give a report to the police on what type of metals might have been used by the thieves.

Police have since ignite a manhunt for the attackers.



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