Armed robbers’ mission fails in Nkhatabay


Armed robbers who attacked Nkhatabay Puma filling station failed to accomplish their intended mission after police in the district intervened in time.

According to information sourced from Miss Mickness Mkandawire who is the Manageress for the filling station, at around 12:30AM, three criminals who were armed with panga knives and breaking implements attacked the watchman who was on duty and tied him with ropes.

Robbers equipment

Robbers equipment

Mkandawire further said that after the watchman was tied, the robbers then cut the office roof and went inside where they attempted to break the cash chest but they failed.

This was happening whilst another watchman was away and when he came back he was also attacked but he managed to escape and informed the police who responded in time and went to the scene.

With the escaping of the other watchman, the robbers sensed danger and left the scene leaving behind craw-bars, cutters, panga knives, snapers, hacksaw and screwdriver.

Meanwhile, Ignatius Esau who is Nkhatabay Police Public Relations Officer has said that investigations to trace the culprits are currently underway and has called upon anyone having any information about the robbers to report to police.

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