Assets declarations office to probe embassy workers

Christopher Tukula

The Office of the Director of Public Officers’ Assets Declarations has disclosed that they are to probe Malawians working in foreign missions.

The development follows reports that money amounting to K293 million was siphoned into personal accounts at the Malawi embassy in Ethiopia.

The fraud was first detected when Fletcher Chowe, who was first secretary for administration and finance, wrote a cheque of US$30,000 in his name and the cheque was signed by the deputy ambassador Doreen Kapanga.

Christopher Tukula
Christopher Tukula; Heads the Office of the Director of Public Officers’ Assets Declarations

Police arrested Kapanga in connection to the stolen taxpayer’s money but she is yet to appear in court.

Reacting on the matter, director of assets declaration Christopher Tukula said his office will probe all government workers working abroad.

Established in 2014 under the 2013 Act, the office gets details of the assets owned by the president and his vice, cabinet ministers, members of parliament and other elected officials.

Meanwhile the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation has instituted reforms in Malawi’s missions abroad which includes reducing the number of diplomats in established positions from 234 to 152.



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