PP blasts sleeping MPs

George Chaponda.

The opposition People’s Party (PP) has blasted Members of Parliament (MPs) for sleeping during President Peter Mutharika’s State of the Nation Address.

On Friday, some legislators were caught on camera slumbering as President Mutharika was articulating some issues affecting Malawians during the official opening of the August house.

George Chaponda.
Led the slumber: George Chaponda.

Reacting to the development, PP has advised the members to take their duties seriously arguing that Malawians awaits their contributions towards the country’s development.

Speaking to the local press, PP spokesperson Ken Msonda argued that the house needs active participation by the MPs.

“We are worried as People’s Party that how can a country develop with sleeping legislators, their sleeping was sending these messages that the speech was boring or they are suffering from sleeping sickness, imagine a minister sleeping, how can we develop with this?” wondered Msonda.

Msonda also urged the members to focus on issues of national interests arguing that sometimes the MPs spend more time on issues of enriching themselves.

Malawi Congress Party (MCP) President who is also leader of opposition in Parliament Lazarus Chakwera said the members did nothing wrong by sleeping since Mutharika’s speech lacked solutions that can end challenges Malawians are going through.



  1. Imeneyo sinkhani abale.some of u, u tend to sleep in class, church, mosque and in the very important lengthy meetings. Akanangomudzutsa.

  2. PP doesn’t really know what they talk about. PP & MCP said the SONA was boring of which according to them, people were expected to sleep & now they blast those who slept keeping many wondering if any functional would waste time & their trust in these two frustrated camps. Real gentlemen & ladies waste no time with the past which are not contributions to the purpose of being an MP in Parliament whose expected to pocket a salary & allowances.

  3. I could even hear the snoring noise of Chaponda at area 25 where I was with friends at that time. Its a shame indeed. Malawians,let’s avoid voting for these dead wood,they will never help this country

  4. I’m really astounded, how come “The Newly Appointed Leader of August House”, should be snoozing in presence of his Boss [The President] while addressing the nation, In our culture we can say it’s kind of #Rudiness/Impudence, He ought to be scrutinised……!!!! Dustan Nesta Solomon Wellington Kapakasa Thoko Chazema Helix Kamkweche Maurice Chagwamnjira James Nkhokwe

  5. imagine the whole Minister of Agriculture who is also Leader of the House, George Chaponda sleeping while parliament is in session!!

  6. iwe, amakuvotera kut uzikagona kumeneko? kod an2 inu mukmatopa nd chan? mundsamale nd msonkho wanga ndimaperekawu mwamva! kkkkkk

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