Pakistan national robbed in Ntchisi


Police in Ntchisi district are looking for unknown criminals who broke into a shop owned by a Pakistan national where they stole cash and items valued to K2, 001, 800.

The incident happened during the night of 19 to 20 May 2016 at Ntchisi
Trading Centre.

crime (2)The shop belong to Mohsin Raza, a Pakistan national, who operate his
business at Ntchisi Trading Centre.

The unknown criminals stole assorted shop items such as Dvd players,
memory cards, cell phones and cash amounting to K310 000, all valued
to K2, 001, 800.

Police investigations established that the complainant locked up his
shop around 730pm on May 19 2016 and then on May 20 2016 when he
opened the shop at around 730am he was surprised to see that Dvd
cartons are on the counter and not on the benches.

Upon checking around its when he discovered that the wall close to the
roof has been drilled and after physical checking its when he came up
with the stole items and the cash stolen.

Meanwhile, police are investigating the matter.



  1. Its very strange for a real malawian person to support robbery, you can do better than that, thats why we remain power for ever coz we full of ignorance, how is it going to help you if people break in your premises any way they cant coz you dont have nothing. Once a failure always a failure, get life come on

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  3. Stealing Is A Sin , Let’s Love One Another Nonse Amene Mukuvomereza ”We Will Hunt U Down” A Polisi Mangani Onsewa

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