US pastor raped Malawian boys

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An American pastor has told a court in his native country that he raped orphaned boys in Malawi and knew he would get away with it.

Campbell: raped Malawian boys

The shameless pervert, Gerald Campbell, 66, raped eight orphans, including one who infected with HIV, at the Victory Christian Children’s Home in Malawi between 1997 and 2009.

According to Reuters, the rapist faces up to 10 years in jail after pleading guilty to one count of illicit sexual conduct in a foreign place.

The monster used his position as general manager of the orphan to lure his victims; he offered them access to better rooms within the orphanage and allowed them to use hot water at his house. He also lived with some of the victims for months in his house.

Campbell said he gave money and valuable things to two of his victims so that they should not disclose the sexual abuse. He told the court that he knew that no one will believe the children if they reported the sexual abuse.

One of his victims told investigators that he began living at the orphanage in 1999 after his parents died and Campbell raped him for over eight months, sometimes on a daily basis.

The monster was charged by a jury in 2015 after investigations by US authorities. After his plea of guilty, he is now awaiting sentencing.

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  1. akanakhala nzika ya Malawi zikanakhala zaka 20 koma poti ndi nzungu tizaka teni tsono wapezeka ndi HIV yo achilisidwa

  2. Pastor wauchitsilu ameneo koma palibe chifukwa chokamusungira ku America apite kumaula basi akanye

  3. If you want to keep your children safe keep them away from anyone with any religious connections.

  4. This story is most definitely true and was first published on the internet late last year. It has been shortened and rewritten to conform with M24’s usual hysterical, journalistic style. There is a wealth of detail on the internet which M24 is ignoring because it would mean them having to get of their collective arse and do some digging. Campbell faces not 10 years in jail, but up to 30 years. Google: Malawi Gerald Campbell

    1. after zodiak online was crowned winner of the 2016 misa malawi chapter online media award,these guys& nyasatimes complained that they were deserving than reason was that unlike zodiak.they update us on a daily basis.they did not think of the relevance,adquacy& authonticity of the stories they write….

      1. Paedophiles are adults who abuse children.According to the F.B.I. sex is not their goal,power and manipulation is what drives their attacks.In the same way,rapists do it to control their victim,not for the sexual act.
        Gay people are sexually and romantically attracted to other gay people,not children.

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