Circumcision gone wrong…boy loses penis in Chikhwawa

Albinos Malawi

…Family demands K10 million

The Malawi Ministry of Health through Chikhwawa DHO has received a notice of intended suit which is demanding Government through Chikhwawa District Hospital to pay k10million in damages for disfigurement and suffering due to forced circumcision as well as loss of amenities of life to 9 years old (name withheld) of Chipakuza Village, T/A Lundu in Chikhwawa.

Circumcision gone wrong in Malawi…boy loses penis in Chikhwawa
Victim was taken while playing with others

According to a document which Malawi24 has seen, father to the 9 year old victim realized that something was wrong with his child after he found him dumped close to his home by staff of SSDI.

SSDI is a component in the Ministry of Health, which receives support from USAID to execute male circumcision operations through a campaign dubbed Sankhani HIV prevention project.

The document which has since been served to the Attorney General and Chikhwawa District Hospital, stressed on the need for authorities to take this matter seriously, as the paramount aspect was the fundamental right of the minor, which had been violated and that in the whole scheme of events, the father was not respected as the parent of the victim.

The child was taken along with other unidentified minors after they had been coaxed by some sweets, juices and biscuits before being given Lifebuoy Soap as an antibacterial cleansing substance for the wounds

The father, Mr Sande, complained that the people involved, forcefully circumcised his son against values and customs of the Sena culture.

Mr Sande claimed that his efforts to get the matter resolved at district level did not materialize owing to lack of cooperation on the part of Chikhwawa DHO, Dr Majidu.

The father through private practice Lawyer, Patience Maliwa, of Knight and Knight is currently waiting for a response from the Attorney General office and the DHO before a formal writ is served against the Ministry of Health.




  1. Fuck all this. Fuck this modesty. Wats gonna be of the child? Some tyms its better if u don’t do it at all. Dats y me is never gonna do it.

  2. This stupid programme must be stoped. Fore skin is believed to have more nerves that are used in sensing during intromission. The removal of this forskin causes the machine to lose its effectiveness and complete utility leaving the man stressed. And the glans tend to be more thicker than it senses less during the act making the man not causing the woman to reach climax of the corpulation when the circum. In addition to that, circumsion makes a man to exprience sexual difficulties like failing to erect, delayed ejaculation that end up boredom in a woman. Foremost disadvantage is that it encourages the act of doing sex since the people work in false comfort zone thinking that they are fully protected from contracting the infections sexually. This increases the number of people contracting the HIV per day making a lot of people living positively. Foreskin was created with purpose, to cover the glans so that it should perform its function properly to the fullest pleasure. Research just carried out shows that 80% of circumcised men lives their entire life with regret for losing their penis without disclosing this to everyone. They never enjoy sex. This is not a solusion to HIV spread, it only helps more people to get infected since it is a false protection which has not yet been proved… I think the whites are using us as objects to be used in an experimentation to see the efficacy of the circumsion. And also the greedy people in those higher positions are the ones that are holding candles to the devil allowing them to conduct their experiments thing in poor countries like malawi knowing that we are already desperate for job opportunity, even money itself.

  3. koma ndizoona kuti ena akumapanga kanyenya wa makhunguwo.

  4. Never say circumcision is a solution to HIV spreading. Never. This is misleading the society. It is just because people want money from donors

  5. Tichiteko Comment:inu Aboma Mogwirizana Ndiunduna Wazaumoyo Ngat Zomwe Akunena Amalawi24 Zili Zoona Ndibwino Kuti Mdulidwe Uthe,chifukwa Mwayesapo Macondom Kuti Matenda Asafalikire Koma Zakanika Matenda Anafalikira Komanso Mpaka Lero Macondom Alipo Koma Anthu Akufabe Ndimatenda Omwewo A HIV/AIDS.Pano Mukubwera Ndi mdulidwe Zinthu Zomwe Zaika Anthu Ambiri Pamavuto Ena Mwaiwo Ndiana Omwe Akusowa Mtendere Ndichikhalidwe Chosayenera Ndichonyasa Ngat Chimenecho Chomwenso A Satanic,a Masenga Ndianyanga Apezerapo Mwayi Mogwirizazana Ndiinu Aboma Inu Ndikumapezapo Cholowa Koma Edzi Ndikumachakachabe Anthu Kuphatikizapo Omwe Ndi Akumdulidweo.Bwanji Osatenga Gawo Kufalitsa Uthenga Wakuziletsa Kwa Anthu Kapena Kuwauza Anthu Aope Mulungu Chifukwa Akaopa Mulungu Adzaopa Tchimo Lachiwerewere/chigololo Limene Mulungu Amadana Nalo Kotero Kut Matenda Tidzawagonjetsa Mosavuta Chfukwa Ngat Munthu,banja,mpingo Kapena Dziko Ziopa Mulungu Matendawa Adzakhala Kutali Ndiife.Koma Mdulidwe Ndicondom Sizizatha Kutha Kapena Kucepesa Ma

  6. mmalo mokakamiza ana kuti azipemphera cholinga choti malawi wammawa asazakhale wa cashgate you are forcing the to be circumsized for what

  7. People have responded to my post in various ways; now listen to me and listen good. Am not celebrating for what happened and the young man deserves to be compensated and be given the best treatment possible including as mkandawire transplant if it’s feasible. We’re talking about money here because accidents are also subject to insurance or compensation as it’s being referred in this context. The parents who took this lad for circumcision had good intentions for their son. The medical personnel also did their job because this is not the first procedure to be executed, others have been successful except this one. This is where the accident element comes in. The ministry should come out and apologize and take responsibility for this unpleasant mistake. As matter of reference, children should be allowed to make their own decisions when they grow up of whether to go circumcision or not. The same way with punching ears to wear ear rings for girls; this too must be an individual’s choice whether to do it or not. Again, this case was really an accident and my apologies to the young man and his parents. I rest my case, thank you very much.

    1. “The child was taken along with other unidentified minors after they had been coaxed by some sweets, juices and biscuits before being given Lifebuoy Soap as an antibacterial cleansing substance for the wounds.”

      Does the above which I have copied from the article above suggest that the parent took his son to the hospital for circumcision? Please in future read stories carefully and then make comments. Do not irritate others with your lack of attention to detail but quickness to comment on things you did not even understand.

      It is being alleged here kuti mwana anamutenga ali ndi anzache without the consent of the father.

    2. The parents were not the ones who took this boy and others for circumcision. It was done without the knowledge or consent of the parents or legal guardians. This is assault and battery….a crime.

  8. No one is forced, thts y we call it Voluntary Male Medical Circumscion. Lets wait how SSDI will respond. Ndiye nonse omwe mumaopa kudulidwa apa musachuluke nzeru

    1. This was done to a child who is not capable of consenting. It is therefore NOT voluntary.

  9. Mdulidwe wafika pena, mpaka mngwanjuro! Mwana amulakwila azizangowoma 90 minutes game osamenya! Mwadula tsogolo!

  10. Nonsenu mukuti ndi ngozi ndinu zisiru. Shame on u yes I cn evn sy it share and again dat yr foolish.yr bxy advise ppl kt kaduliseni kupewa khansa ndeno mwanayo aiziwa khanxa at hz age,? Lets take a Bible nd see pangano la mulungu ndi abraham sadakambepo xa advise ppl in right way.zisiru zina zimakamba kt zimafuna kumamva kukoma in sex tym wch is stupit idea especially ntundu uwu wa.,?????

  11. Takhala tikunena ife kuti izi nzopanda pake..basi boma kukhala busy kumalimbikitsa chigololo pomanamiza anthu kuti mdulidwe umateteza HIV ndi cervical cancer…lero siizo mwamuvulaza mwana..its high time govt shud just accept that cervical cancer is on increase bcoz of these contraceptives..mind u Satana masiku ano akugwiritsa ntchito anthu ophunzira to mislead the adultery sin is promoted in the name of circumcision lol

  12. Get a lesson za uchisilu zanuzo..kumawakakamiza ana kuti akadulise…asiyeni..akazafika age yoti atha kupanga okha decision azapange…osati basi tiyeni..mwana wa zaka 9 kumupanga mdulidwe ma advantage ake oti..asapangise cancer ya khomo la chibelekelo? nanga iyeyo mwanayo khomo la chibelekelo akuliziwa? agalu ena amene mumakakamiza ana kodulisa #watchout zandikwiyisaa kwambiri

  13. Was it circumsion or rather castration. Imagine Life without pen…

  14. Are you telling us that the guy will never enjoy sex for the rest of his life,thats damn crazy, i mean the doctor what was he thinking? They should help him with operation to get the artificial.

      1. A surgically constructed phallus cannot replace the exquisite sexual and sensory nerves of the original. The penis is unique and cannot be replaced.

  15. This is a demonic act
    why is the government intereseted in foreskin busines?
    Something fishy goin on
    In human nature with or without circumcision
    One can still get disease

    1. This is a very evil act. Anytime an adult takes a knife to the genitals of children an evil act is committed.

      You are very right, something fishy is going on big time with the medically fraudulent “Voluntary Male Circumcision Campaign.” It’s the biggest medical scam in history. Racist targeting of Africans.


  17. Ngati sitisintha zaka hundred zikubwelazi kudzakhala azungu okha mdziko muno,katemela okakamiza ana masukulumu,mankhwala achani akuti zinthu zotere kale kunalibe inu asadwabwa bwanji agogo alipobe amkamwa chani? Satan akukhazikitsa maziko ake.ngakhare anthu amapenya koma saona kumva koma osamvetsetsa samalani mapeto ayandikira!

  18. Vuto lotngera zikhulupiriro za wanthu wena ndi imeneyo ife asena ndi amanganja mwambo umenewo sititsata kodi a Malawi chikutivuta ndi chiani kumatsatira zofuna za anthu ena ndi zikhulupiriro zawo kodi banji mukuphunzitsa ndi kunyengerera ana pa zinthu zopanda pake ngati izi ? Kodi zimenezi zikuthandiza chiani pa moyo wa munthu nanga munthu ngati sangachite mdulideu chingamuchitikire ndi chiani tengeranipo phunziro mudzayerekeze kuchita mwana wanga momukakamiza mudzaona posiirapo

  19. I saw how they were enticing school children with soft drinks. But all is not lost. On top of the money the family should also demand an operation to have his dick back. This is now possible in RSA and other countries.

  20. koma nanu ma dotolo nzanu mungam’dule chiwalo chokoma ngati chimene chija???mukufuna kukoma muzikumva nokha anzanu mwafula fula uko kulakwa kumeneko …….kukoma kwa ma second kuja even 10 million sizikulowana aaaaa…..

  21. Ine ndinapanga mdulidwewo koma anandifusa kuti kodi titaye khunguli? Chinali chirsakho changa choti andipase kuti ndikawa onetse akadzi wanga,ndipo anandipatsa popanda vuto lina lirilotse. Ndie mukamati makunguwo akupita nao kuti? Ndi chitsakho chako kutenga kapena ai. Mutsawaopsyeze anthu apa.

  22. Iwe Tionge pakuti pako zikugwirizana ndi chislamu apa umbuli bass ndipo ndiwe munthu opanda dzeru ndipo mwana wa hule,chislamu chalakwa chani pa manyi anupa,hule otha ntchito

  23. Mumangomva kuvinidwa ait?? Zilindimadela aketu zinthuzi. Komaso@mw 24 kukakamula zinthu hw can usay amudula penis as if amudula yonse?? It’s only penis’s head ok??kumalemba bwino nkhanizi otherwise u will make pple kusiya kuvinidwa mwamva??

  24. Mdulidwe umene mukunena inu amalawi 24 ndiomweu unanenedwa mmabuku kapena ndi zachiwembu komaso sindikuvetsa kuti amuchotsa maliseche ake ngati zilichoncho musanene kuti ndi mdulidwe omwe tikuudziwa ai

  25. Iam really of the idea that this decision of getting circumcised o nt shld rest on oneself ……nt parents deciding for u wen yo still young. Its sad wat happened thr,but personally I dnt have a problem with t circumcision

  26. I have been saying that,circumcision is nothing,nothing!nothing! at all. Why people are still sticking to these stupid and old believes?.Malawians when are you going to wake up?.Jesus Christ told us that,the main law is to love your neighbour us you love yourself not that nonsense of circumcision,stupid!.

    1. But even Jesus was circumsised…its right there in the bible

      1. Yes he was surcumsised becoz anali mu Yuda muthu weniweni thus the way he lived,but in my belief i don’t cee the value of da fuck and cheap practice spiritually as perfect.Love ur neighbor as you love urself thus the basic and main principle of Heavenly life passport. Plix no more cutting in the name of bible and Jesus Christ.

      2. Jesus Christ was circumcised but then he died for our sins and St. Paul commanded not to circumcise any more.

  27. Choncho! Mbamba Yanga Sinchita.Vitsiru Mwadula Dodo Yamwanayo Tsono Pakati Pokhala Nd mbolo Ya Umve Mkumasoka Bohboh Ndi Izi Zachitikaz Deal Ndi Iti ?Ine Siningabode !!

    1. Transgender doesn’t really change sex….only appearance. It is false.

      1. The individual would have to want to change genders very badly for it to work.

        I rather doubt any male child, after such an unimaginable shock as he has just experienced with the loss of his penis, would think that changing genders would fix that.

  28. Ndingozi yachitikayo Allah achiza zimenezo gys mamuna osadulidws ndionyass kapena kuti ndi odetsedwa, ngati mukufuna kunvazambili mutha kuyimba panambala iyi +27634415393

  29. This is very sad, a ministry akanangopanga approve prepex azachite mdulidwe womwe akhoza kukupanga koma mkumaenda chimodzimodzi….i dont know why they are taking so long…mapeto aketu anthu aziwopa zimenez…

  30. Heheheeee koma guys mwapha mumba yamwanau, amadulira chikwanje chan????? kkkkkkkk amafuna label ndzimenezo

  31. Kkkkkkk koma mbuli zinazi zikudana ndI n’dulidwe kkkkkk ukanakhala kuti ndiwachabe sizikadamukhuza ngakhale jesu komakwamunthu amene amamusatila Jesu akuyenela kupanga zimene iye ankapanga chotsani umbuliwo amwene mwakula

  32. There are two things involve here: 1. Reproduction system blocked 2.cerculatory system disturbed and I there4 think de child has to be compasated with atleast …. One hundred million kwacha only K100000000 and not K10million as such. With de followin reasons: 1. No reproduction from him,,very painfull so to speak. 2. Urenation disturbed, artificial pipes wil b used, as such he wil be require to visit expensive pvt hospitos as gvt owned hospitos have no enough medication. Andi with that K10million isn’t fit. 3. Personally and mentally shaken, nobody can refix. Ndatha ine wokanisitsa ndulidwe!!!

    1. As long as the testicles remain, reproduction is possible. Not easy but possible.

      1. Perhaps technically it would be possible for such an individual as this poor boy, to grow up and father children, from sperm harvested from him, however the severe blow to his well being, with this horrific accident that destroyed his penis, and all his ability for sexual pleasure, he may be in no mood to even think about having children, ever.

  33. @Enock anazolowera za umvezo komanso enawa ndimantha ndiye pobwera ndi ma vesi ngati anthu a mu bible anali osavinidwa

  34. mwamuna opanda mboro ali ngat khasu lopanda mpini.mfanayi sazachindako moyo wake ose? mayo ine!!! makolo ake opanda mzeru taonani mwadulisa mboro ya mwana

  35. Am feeling sorry for the young man, bad things happen to good people but am made to believe that this was just an accident which could happen elsewhere. However, the young man deserves the compensation but this should not stop people from undergoing the process, it is very important and worthy pursuing. I went through the same process last year and am just fine. It is another way of knowing your status with regards to HIV because its a must to be tested before the procedure. Iyo inali ngozi basi let’s go boys and men to do it, it shall do us more good than harm. Am a living testimony, am a married man who just went through this process last year and all is well, Amen.

    1. Bro, age matters the most. Why not waiting for them until something around 12 or 15 years? After all here in Malawi we don’t have well qualified and dedicated civil servants. If it were overseas or even in RSA that could never be a problem. They must send him abroad for penis replacement, above paying the damages

  36. Apa ndiye yalakwa mwawononga katundu wamwana no 10milliyon yachepa mwana azingosilira amuphera tsogolo

  37. eee kumalawi inakakhala kuti ndi series ee bwezi ili season 50 yabwino…..nkhani mbwelekete.adotolowoso adulidwe basi + boma kaya amene anawatumayo apeleke kuposa zija amabazija ……..

  38. Its funny but areal man to lose penis is not a joke but lucky american they started to transplant penis from adonar I hope government will do that!!

  39. sindizalola kut mwana wanga apangidwe zopusazi coz udulidwe usadulidwe ndichimoz moz ndipo osadulidwa osati amachita kulembedwa pachipumi kut awa ndiosadulidwa awa ndiodulidwa iyaaaa ndichimoz moz or kubed ndi more fire osadulidwa

  40. Wawo ngati achimwene che withheldwo anachita kuwapanga za vozidi then akubomawo akuyenera kuwapanga comparisonate basi.zindu zimenesi zimavunika maprovet ake oziwa bwino ozangoti ndimadotolo ozavinidwa omwe, boma likuyenera kuchita kontirakiti maprovetishon nangaliba ochoka kumapiri kumachinga ma amachawa iyayi

  41. Ndiyeno mukadula zimapita kuti kukawedzela miracle money? Kudulidwa or kusadulidwa YESU akubwera. If u r misusing the penis bcz of mdulidwe matenda sangakuope

  42. mpakana forced hmmm bvuto lopanga fprce limenelo koma 10 million yachepa angakhale zili zokaikitsa ngati akwanitse kupeleka 10 million yo

  43. Why destroying machine gun a mwana? For what purpose? do you think God made these forskins mistakenly? K10 milion yachepa ampatse chipepeso cheni cheni; apo bi! Amubwenzere makina ake. Kkkk!

  44. Kodi akanakhala kut apanga ndi angaliba,akanatchajidwa 10m? Bwanji sitiyamika job ma doctor athu amagwira? How mdulidwe wakhala ukupangidwa ndi ma nurse popanda vuto lili lonse? Kuthekanso anadula bwinobwino zangolowa ufiti wakwao. Lets take it as a human error ngat adnadula udyo..koma ngat anadula bwino and his body is failing to recover its a body error. But koma sinati asalipire but i hate kumanena za chipongwe kwa ogwira ntchito mu chipatala,nawonso ndi anthu. I think u better also castrate him kut asazamakhalenso ndi chilakolako

  45. am sorry for this incident. however, let me share wat i read on CNN. Doctors have performed a PENIS transplant in USA this week. am not a Doctor but in layman’s language, a penis transplant involves getting another live penis and “connect” it to the one who has lost his. like the case in USA, the person lost his as a result of Cancer. infact from the comments made on this transplant, it is clear that the case in USA is not the first of itfs kind; in South Africa, India, they have ever done such an operation. hence, ther iss hope for the boy. the question shud be “who will foot the bill? who will be the donor?”

  46. They don’t know how painful this “operation” is…going for MC should be a decision made by a particular person himself…we don’t have to force people …On the other hand Chroy akuyamika kumwamba coz the operation on him was properly done lol

  47. zabodza izi nfana anachila bwinobwino no complications….makolo ndiomwe anamizidwa kuti atha kutapapo cash!!!

  48. Ndizimene mkufuna yaine ayi dont dare kk kumulakwila mwana ndeazizangowayang’ana mabuya momwe akutchipira matsiku ano akungoyenda ovulavula bola pathumba

  49. Koma you guys and your reporting eeeishh!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The boy healed bwinobwino and there are no complications. Get your facts right, He was actually not even abducted…. makolo angofuna cash apa not what you guys are reporting!!!

  50. asiye zodula ana.kodi dziko lathu likupita kuti. The problem is that we’re drived by foreign countries if they said do this and that we just said yes bwana. Look at our education if they said you have to teach while you sit down to respect learners we can say yes bwana. that is poor Malawi

    1. Kd mukutsutsanu muli ku Malawi konkuno…? Simuzwa kt Malawi akulamuliridwabe ndi azungu bt indirectly and moreover they say the boy had suffered the loss due to ”FORCED CIRCUMCISION.” Don’t u get the point?? Circumcision should be based on free will not by force,

    2. circumcision or watever u call it is a stupid practice!!!!!!& dont mention Jesus on silly issues like has lost manhood here and u say its gud just bcoz of yo religion or tribe?

    3. Osandulidwa sikuchita makani kwache. Kodi anthu samwalira ndi malungo? Mankhwala komaso ma nurse alipo? Izi zimachitika basi. Aliyese afune asafune adulidwe basi ife za umvezo ayi, kumasunga ndeya ku maliseche wachani?

    4. A big fool says osadulidwa amakhala ndi deya…. Koma ochenjera amadziwa kt ”it depends on personal hygiene,” ngt munthu ukuzisamalira there is no problem. Those who r saying circumcision is biblical it means u know nothing, u r in darkness. Circumcision was a convenant between God and His pple not as they say today, remember Satana amabwera ndimzeru ngt yokoma bt its not like dat. Amangofuna akuiwalise za Mulungu wako,,,,, wise up!!!!!!

    5. Kudulidwa umafuna wekha osamakakamizana .mwana ankakamiza mapeto ake waluza mboro yonse ndiyeno azakwatira bwanji ?boma limpitise ku maiko akulu akulu akamuikenso

    6. osanamizana apa nkhani ya dulidwe olo bible ilimo zangochitika basi evn kunkhondo asilikali salemphela mozi ovulala mmm zangovuta

    7. the motives behind m’dulidwe are these;(1)sukhala nawo pa chiopsyezo chotenga ka chilombo koyambitsa matenda a Edzi,the fact is munthu amene anadulidwa songa ya mbolo yake imakhala youma olo atachinda maka bwanji simasupuka amasupuka ndi mkaziyo .am nt defending odulidwa but am telling u the kuitenga kwake wen it comes to sex ngati mwasupululana kabala kako ka freshko kakakhudzana ndi kakeko thats where u can get tha virus.motive ya chiwiri; performance ya muthu odulidwa in bed is always good .motive ya chitatu iliso yotsiliza is hygiene ;mbolo yodulidwa siitulutsa nawo bad odour ngati mmene ichitila yosadula olo munthuyo atakhala kuti amaisamalila bwanj sizingafanane…..izozo zangoona kuchitika it happens operation failes sometimes

  51. that’s y i dont like zachi pagan izi….Mulungu anandipasa ngini ya sharp sindingapange zopusazo ……mwanayu basi chake palibe basi ndizachisoni komanso zisekesa

  52. Ndimene akukomena ana ndi ankazi ndalamaso ndiyachiyani zachamba basi ine tikhoza kubwezelana apo bii amubwezele chake mwanayo ameneyo ndiye fodyayo amadula bwanji iye

  53. Kumuphela ufulu mwana, Dr ameneyo achotsedwe ntchito and ngati ali mwamuna atenge yakeyo ampatse mwanayo, ten million yachepa n mchitidwe umenewu uthe ulibe phindu coz azingoononga ma chaft aeni ake.

  54. Its now possible to have penis transplant,so the Government must compensate and pay the damages and all neccessary expenses for this boy to have a transplant.

  55. Chifukwa chake ife sitidulitsa mind you Shaft sichikhadabo kuti vhchikaduka chimeraso..muziwenga zikhadabo basi osati michira popewa ngozi

  56. kkkkk kungodula katundu amene uja źako zada ulibenso tsogolo pa dziķo pano nanunso adotolo mumadula ndi nkhwnģwa? osamayetu inu mwamva mpaka mzanu kumudula ukwati zoona

  57. It was written in Bible even Jesus Christ Himself waz circumcised,its gud 2b circumcised bcz its health,we can prevent some STIDS,ngakhale chigololo Chimakoma ndi Ojandula,but ijst felt sry 2young DUDE Even if he Compesated His Life will never be the same,Banja lopanda mwana koma muli ndi chuma there is no LIFE!

    1. Circumcision has no medical benefit. It does not prevent any disease. The only thing it does is change the way it looks.

      1. In the,United States most men are circumcised yet the HIV rate is high. Other countries where no one is circumcised, rates are very low.

    1. Wat I knw circumcision z done to prevent the spread of Ca cervix(cancer ya khomo lachibelekelo)ndi ochepa amuna amazisamalira kwambiri ,,,,foreskin ija imasungla HPV(human papilloma virus)imene imayambisa cancer ,,,

    2. Kd in old testament anati azidulidwa popewa cervical cancer and HIV, kapna as a covenant??? Bullshit…. Devils intention… Cholinga ndichoti anthu azichta zachiwerewere mosaopa matenda in other words… Kulimbikisa chigololo which is contrary to God

  58. why cutting foreskin .God created it leave as it is . Circumcision leads to genetal erectile dysnfuction .Government must pay .His life has been destroyed now forever .No bonking any punani.

    1. Waw u r stil keeping a4skin.think you know de negativ effects 2 ua swit?even de bible or quran tells us dat God comanded abraham to be circumucised 2geda with his son including u.ndie de isue asithe njira azimayi asamadule pachikhalidwe nzosayenera. And akadula pazikhala bedrest 4 5days ithink zitha kusintha.

    2. apa pachuluka agalu achisilamu alibe nzeru paja. Mdulidwe umene Paul amanena ndiwamu Uzimu osati kuthupi mwamva agwape asilamu inu.. Muzipita kumecca konko kuno ayi.

  59. kkkkkkkk penis ndi chizungu koma mboro woooooow alibe tsogolo mwana wopanda mboro afe ndithu amene alibe ichi dziko muno aaaaa


  61. Circumcision is the removal of the foreskin and not the penis. This is when I hate reporters, they distort facts….tiuzeni chachitika kweni kweni. And actually, it is now that we are hearing about VMMC, kale timangopita kutchire ndi angaliba and nothing of this sort happened

  62. The sad thing about this is also that they are doing it during school session thereby putting some pupils to nurse their wounds for some weeks and miss classes, if you don’t trust me just come to Linga fp school in the same district, what a shame, boma kuyambitsa angaliba awo awo kuletsa enuake ozidziwa, kabwezeni chamwanacho basi

  63. The sad thing about this is also that they are doing it during school session thereby putting some pupils to nurse their wounds for some weeks and miss classes, if you don’t trust me just come to Linga fp school in the same district, what a shame, boma kuyambitsa angaliba awo awo kuletsa enuake ozidziwa, kabwezeni chamwanacho basi

  64. The sad thing about this is also that they are doing it during school session thereby putting some pupils to nurse their wounds for some weeks and miss classes, if you don’t trust me just come to Linga fp school in the same district, what a shame, boma kuyambitsa angaliba awo awo kuletsa enuake ozidziwa, kabwezeni chamwanacho basi

  65. The sad thing about this is also that they are doing it during school session thereby putting some pupils to nurse their wounds for some weeks and miss classes, if you don’t trust me just come to Linga fp school in the same district, what a shame, boma kuyambitsa angaliba awo awo kuletsa enuake ozidziwa, kabwezeni chamwanacho basi

    1. Ife tinapita kusimba bwinobwino zachikuda tinachila.koma awa akut zamakono kungofuna kuwononga ana basi bola asamapweteke mpaka kuzakanika kubeleka apa

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  68. The Medical Officer Was Negligent, Losing A Penis Is Very Painful Therefore The Money Is Not Enough As The Victim Will Have No Kids

  69. Mmmm shame little boy. Ndiye wina aziti eee kadulitse chikhalini cho abambo aka Ali nayo yosadula kkkk akayambe kudula abambo akewo first then anthu enaso akadulitsa kkk.ine ndiye ayii God already created me like this I don’t even want to change chilengedwe chake

    1. Ndingozi ndiye kuti chani? Ngakhale Achisilamu, akhala akudulana zaka zambili, koma sadapangepo zimenezo. Achisilamu ndi athu oti sadaphunzilepo za operation.
      Koma amakwanisa.

    2. Waukape iyeyo do you know de painful of circum. And we r talkin of de whole dinkamu.mdulidwe sapanga munthu wamayi.wat kind of gender is dis munthu wanyawu akadule yet valve idakapuma mu boxer.apereke basi n yachepa.

    3. Ngozi yachan? Mumangotenga munthu kudimba apa ndi kuxul komwe sanapite kumakagwira ntchito yot sangakwanitse bwanji?? Ten mitayotu ituluke apo biii….ifenso timudula bas

    4. Iwe Nelly ngoz ya chani? I mean a penis is a gift frm God n sombody takes it away thru a stupid operation u call t Ngozi?

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  70. Ten Meter yachepaposo pamenepo,
    kodi ndekuti nkhaniyi adangoiyamba koma palibe anthu enieni oidziwa eti? tsono akunama’ka {compazation} ikufunika 50m angadzaname.

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