Govt. shun albinos, prefers to protect forests

Albinos Malawi

Association of People with Albinism in Malawi (APAM) has expressed its frustration with the way government is slow in responding to the violence against them which has seen them being killed and their bones being exhumed in alleged witchcraft and magic practices.

A victim of attacks on albinos in Tanzania
Govt. accused of ignoring albinos

Speaking at a conference held in Lilongwe yesterday where various groups of people and organisations met to discuss the way forward in curbing the attacks on people with albinism, a member of APAM expressed frustration with how government was moving in quickly to stop the cutting down of trees and yet it is slow to respond to the plight of people living with albinism.

Just this week, government deployed the army to Mulanje for them to protect Mulanje mountain tree reserves from encroachers.

According to media reports, this development has worried some members of APAM who think that government is placing emphasis on the trees unlike on albinos.

Their claims can be rendered valid as government officials shunned the conference yesterday despite being invited.



  1. Do u think gv can deproy soldiers to each albino house? Come on guys dis is political trap dat is wy gv is not responding quick cuz thy knew dat opp r behind dis cant to destroy gv reputation lik de way thy did with gays.

  2. Hey guys whats your problem???? Do you want to tell me that gvt should only focus on one thing only???? Do you want gvt to stop any of its duties n focus on people of albinism only???? Come on guys!!!!!! I know its not good to kill albinols and gvt is doin its best kumangovuta amalawi ife ndi Lack of Patience and Kuyamika!!!!!! Thats my opinion anyway

  3. People are very free to do whatever they can,just because Malawi’s constitution is very weak or i can say lame.The constitution has to be reviewed,it says theres no witchcraft,but we hear that Albino’s bones are being used as chams for riches.if you go to court you find that people have committed serious cases, but just given aminer sentence.

  4. Some government officials are the ones in this filthy business. Hence reluctant in serving our brothers and sisters lives.

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