Karonga residents angry over abandoned stadium project

Albinos Malawi
Mzuzu stadium
Mzuzu stadium; Being scrambled for.

People of Karonga have expressed anger over the abandonment of the stadium project in the district, a situation that has been wholly blamed on the contractor responsible.

The project which is taking shape under the auspice of the Local Development Fund (LDF) was supposed to last for 52 weeks. On a sad note construction has been halted within the 36th month, with 50 percent progress made.

In an act of solidarity, Karonga North West Parliamentarian, James Kamwambi has joined hands with people in the district in condemning disruption of the multimillion kwacha project.

Nangaunogze contractors, a construction company which was entrusted with the responsibility, has answers to give to the angry residents.

Previous media reports indicate that the company has not been up to task having failed to make progress in line with the given duration.

Nangaunogze is said to have been taking a snail’s pace which raises doubts as to whether the stadium will have been finished by the end of 2016 or not.

Albinos Malawi
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Within the preliminary stages of the project, the company incited wrath among workers for failure to pay them their due wages. This did not go well with the concerned who resorted to a ‘fatal’ action. With thousands of Karonga residents displeased with the company’s decision to silently take a break, they plan to take an action against the firm.

The Malawi government embarked on the project as one way of solving the long standing problem of stadiums scarcity in the region. A number of districts fall beneficially to the project but the lakeshore district was lucky to be the first to be considered. Once finished, the Karonga stadium will be one of the two major sports facilities in the region along with the dilapidated Mzuzu Stadium.

In the meantime, the latter is the region’s main soccer arena with TNM Super League sides from other districts within the region using it as a home ground.



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