Mutharika appoints dialogue team

Peter Mutharika

Malawi leader Peter Mutharika  has appointed a technical team that will be responsible for sharing views on national matters with Public Affairs Committee (PAC) members on behalf of the President.

The technical team includes Minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs Samuel Tembenu, Chief Economic Advisor and Executive Assistant to the President Collins Magalasi, Special Advisor and Assistant to the President on NGOs and Civil Society Mavuto Bamusi, Minister of Health Peter Kumpalume,  and Chief Advisor to the President on Domestic Policy Hetherwick Ntaba.

Peter Mutharika
Peter Mutharika made the appointments.

Confirming the development, government spokesperson Patricia Kaliati said PAC members are to share views from their stakeholders.

Last month, PAC members met Mutharika to present resolutions made by delegates at the PAC conference that took place earlier this year.

However, the last meeting that was held in Lilongwe was seen to be unfruitful to PAC members after Mutharika rejected points made by PAC stakeholders early this year.

PAC through its spokesperson Peter Mlomole was also engaged in a verbal war with government side after the PAC official said the religious body was disappointed with Mutharika’s attitude. Government hit back saying Mutharika had a right to scrutinise the recommendations made by PAC.     

2 thoughts on “Mutharika appoints dialogue team

  1. This is a welcome idea because last time PAC met APM, PAC thought APM could just be agreeing with and every point raised at the Indaba. A president is a president more especially to us who put him to the # 1 position. PAC is now a political party and should be recognised as such. It should start drafting its manifesto ready for 2019. Otherwise PAC has lost its flavour it used to have when democracy came into being. Bravo APM and shame to PAC!

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