Malawi economic growth dreams die

Goodall Gondwe

Malawi’s finance minister Goodall Gondwe is yet to withdraw his remarks made in Parliament where he said the country will have 6 percent of economic growth in the 2015/16 fiscal year.

Gondwe is on record to have told the house that the country will have a 6 percent hike in its economic growth in this fiscal year that is to end by June.

Goodal Gondwe
Gondwe: Railed at.

However, the dreams of Gondwe were dashed following persistent dry spells that affected the agriculture sector, the core contributor to Malawi’s economy.

Executive director for Malawi Economic Justice Network (MEJN) Dalitso Kubalasa said he will not be surprised if Gondwe admits that his dreams have failed to materialize.

“This is one of the gloomy fiscal years, a lot of things have happened in our country in the agricultural, mining, tourism sectors and will not be surprised if government is to confirm this,” said Kubalasa.

Malawi witnessed devastating floods in the 2014/15 fiscal year that were followed by dry spells in most parts of the country in the 2015/16 leading to poor harvest for its citizens.

Meanwhile estimated figures show that half of the population will be food insecure due to the poor harvest.



  1. God knows best let us pray and believe for our nation

  2. MEJN, this is your time to tell govt to spend within our means.

    MEJN should be the first to project govt’s budget towards basic service delivery expenditures.

    MEJN should be the first to warn govt on any slacks as far ss fiscal discipline is concerned.

    MEJN, do you have a well analysed govt’s expenditure for the first six months of the 2015/2016 budget? Can you publish it?

    Do you understand the govt’s Financial Statement No. 1?

    Take a good look at it snd you will see alot of uncleared below the line expenditures ready to absorb cashgate right in front of your nose.

    Technically, MEJN needs experts to help you. Ndangodutsamo sindinathyole mnkwani.

  3. Is not a liar koma zinthu sizinayende accordingly. This is natural mistake tisaloze munthu zala .

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