Cholera upsurge haunts Ministry of Health

Adrian Chikumbe

The Malawi government through the ministry of health said it is determined to reduce cholera cases in Karonga district.

Ministry health Spokesperson Adrian Chikumbe said this following the increase in number of cholera cases reported this year in the district.

Adrian Chikumbe
Chikumbe: We are making strides.

In his remarks, Chikumbe said that the ministry is trying hard to introduce preventive measures in the district which recently was affected by floods.

According to Chikumbe, the ministry has been distributing cholera medicine such as chlorine to the flood affected residents.

He added that they are conducting awareness campaigns in the district to equip people with knowledge on how to prevent the outbreak.

“For instance, we have been distributing chlorine to the flood victims, and we are also conducting awareness campaigns to prevent the outbreak from increasing in the district,” he said.

He said that as the ministry will continue working hard to curb the situation.

Chikumbe however thanked some organisations who have been working hand in hand with the ministry to provide treatment and conduct awareness campaigns.

So far, the district has recorded nine deaths due to the cholera outbreak.



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