Msonda spits fire at minority rights campaigners over albino attacks


People’s Party (PP) spokesperson Ken Msonda has blasted Malawi minority rights campaigners for being silent on attacks against people with albinism.

Ken Msonda

Msonda: Lashes out at rights campaigners.

Speaking to the local press, Msonda said the “so called minority rights campaigners” have been silent on real rights that need to be protected.

He further wondered why the minority rights campaigners are silent this time while they were making “noise” when promoting same sex marriages in the country.

“Almost every day we are getting news of attacks on our media and I am surprised that our minority rights campaigners are silent unlike when they were promoting Satanism acts, or is it because no money has been offered to them from the devil?” wondered Msonda.

Msonda who was in legal battle with minority rights campaigners over his Facebook remarks urging citizens to kill people practicing same sex marriage said the country needs a national wide sensitization on stopping killings of people with albinism.

Malawi has recorded 14 cases of kidnappings, 28 cases of exhuming graves believed to be of people with albinism, 6 cases of killings, 3 cases of missing people, 1 case of likely to cause a breach of peace and 12 cases of people found in possession of human bones.

Meanwhile Malawi government is yet to send experts in Tanzania to learn on how they can end the killings of albinos in the country.

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