28 arrested in sweeping exercise


Police in Limbe have netted 28 suspects during a sweeping exercise.

PoliceAccording to Assistant Public Relations Officer for Limbe police Widson Nhlane, the exercise was conducted on the night of 9-10 May by the Criminal Investigation Department officers at the station.

Nhlane said that the 28 suspects have been arrested for various offences such as theft, robbery with violence, theft by trickery, and operating a business without license.

“The suspects were arrested during the night of 9-10 May when CID officers conducted a sweeping exercise,” said Nhlane.

According to Nhlane, some of the suspects were on the police’s wanted list and will also answer charges on the offences they committed in the past.

He further said that the operation is an ongoing exercise and police are thankful to members of the community on the support they have been rendering to them by tipping them on suspected criminals.



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