Mutharika replaces Viola with former Chanco Principal

President Peter Mutharika has announced his new media relations person.

Molande: New press officer

According to a statement from state house, President Mutharika has appointed Dr. Bright Molande to be his Director of Communications. The duties of Molande however resemble the duties of former Press Secretary to the President, Gerald Viola, who was fired after a series of scandals.

Before his appointment, Molande was serving as Director of Information in the Ministry of information. He also served as the Vice Principal at the University of Malawi’s Chancellor College.

Rumours have credited Molande as the speech writer of the Malawi leader.

Ahead of the announcement, it was speculated that Mutharika had opted for former Times business editor Thom Khanje who is also MISA Malawi chair


15 thoughts on “Mutharika replaces Viola with former Chanco Principal

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  2. Whether someone will take it as appeasement to the speech writer or nepotism but l for one, l do support it 100%! l like learned pple taking such sensitive positions.

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