Malawi government to procure solar pumps

George Chaponda

In a bid to ensure food security Malawi, government says it has plans to buy and install solar pumps in various areas in the country.

George Chaponda
Says the development is welcome: Chaponda

Minister of agriculture, irrigation and water development George Chaponda said the areas targeted are those that have more water.

”We are planning to procure and install solar pumps in areas across the country in order to intensify irrigation farming,” said Chaponda.

He added that this plan will bail Malawi from food insecurity and ensure that farmers are self-dependence.

Chaponda further said that if 75 percent of the project will be a success then Malawi will be at a better place to be food secure.

This year, many Malawians did not have bumper harvests because of the dry spells that hit most of the parts of the country.

Currently, people in Karonga and some parts of Mzuzu are experiencing the pinch of floods which came due to heavy rains.



  1. Mutharika iwee mutu ugwire ntchito pangani ma farm ndipo chimango chidzipita kunkhokweko,nanga ma pump mukwanitsa kugawa madera onse?

  2. How secure the sollar pannels are to be installed in areas infested with thieves you know sollar pannel is prone to takers ,government will guard it to the end or will left the lest on ill-equipped innocent farmers

  3. Amalawi masomphenya timakhalanawo koma kusunsa mwaonjeza,kaya tiziona ngati mukwaanitse.
    Kuteleko draft ya kabedwe kandalama mwapanga kale.mukuyembekezela chaque.

  4. Koma kuganiza kukumativutabe a Malawi eti? Mukudandaula za fertiliser, mukamuthira kuti ngati mulibe madzi? Choyamba limani, kenako fertiliser.
    Boma lachitatu bwino pamenepa

  5. i dont know how serious this govt is or its trying to flatter so called stupid farmers? how can you distribute pumps yet the fertilizer is K25000 ? are you joking?

  6. Let me guess how they will be distributed country wide. Northern region 9%. Central region 21%. Southern region 70%. So tell me who is selfish here?

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