Teachers ready to meet govt over impending strike

Chauluka Muwake

The Teachers Union of Malawi (TUM) says it is ready to hold talks with the ministry of education in order to solve the teachers’ grievances.

Chauluka Muwake
Govt wants an amicable talk ;Muwake

Government was given a deadline of 9 May 2016 to solve problems faced by teachers in the country, failing which, the teachers will hold a nationwide strike.

President of TUM, Chauluka Muwake said they want government to solve their grievances amicably before the deadline.

”What we want is that government should write letters of promotion and provide transport for the teachers to where they have been posted,” said Muwake.

TUM also want government to provide evidence showing that some teachers have been given their salary arrears and to tell the union when those who were left out will be paid.

According to Muwake, the fact that President Mutharika has shown commitment in resolving the matter seems that he is sympathizing with teachers but TUM will not consider the issue resolved until their grievances are met.

However, ministry of education says it is making strides to solve the matter amicably before the deadline.

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  1. Nanga bwanji osaikapo za deployment ya anyamata a odl4 komanso ipte 9

  2. I’m ready to strike bcoz smehow government is taking us as foolish things.While we are also important people whose making Malawian to be educative ones..

  3. If you visit South West Education Division offices, main account office, you will find that alot of vouchers of arrears dating back to year 2000 have not been sent to Lilongwe f or processing. Plz they should release all these vouchers .

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