Chombe Foods Limited, others closed!

Davlin Chokazinga

In its continued exercises, the Malawi Bureau of Standards (MBS) has today sealed several companies due to poor hygienic conditions.

Davlin Chokazinga
MBS Boss Davlin Chokazinga

According to a statement released by the MBS the closure is with immediate effect.

The closed are Limbe People’s Butchery, People’s Supermarket Bakery situated at Victoria Avenue, Namiwawa People’s Bakery, Zomba Metro Bakery, Chombe Foods Limited and FADAMZ Rice Milling.

”The suspensions have been effected due to continuous non compliance to hygienic conditions as stipulated in Malawi Standard Number 21; Food And Food Processing Units – Code Of Hygienic Conditions.”

”The MBS wishes to advise the general public against patronizing these units until the hygienic conditions have been improved and the suspension lifted by the MBS.” posted the MBS on its Facebook page on Wednesday.

Recently MBS also sealed the Shire Highlands Hotel among others on similar reasons.



  1. Mbs,patnchito yawo.koma ine funso ndili.
    Awa a CAMA katundu akakwela bwanji,nawonso samapita direct,kuma company or ena onse kuti azigulitsa pa mtengo wovomelezeka.?
    Koma zotsatila sake amalimbana ndikumaita osauka kuti azipita kunsewu.ndiye kuti ntchito yanu mukuyikwanitsa.?

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  3. Another to be closed is Spar Lilongwe ( Metro Part B). We know what Spar is in other countries. This is total rubbish unless they remove all former PTC employees. You can’t rebrand with the same old ideas

  4. MBS is just close to chombe nose and mouth. where were u all this tym. ngati mastaff ogwiea ntchito ya inspection akuchepa mukupangitsa kuti Malawi tidzivularira mkati.

  5. They are doing a very good job.Each and every business place must be clean more especially those who are dealing with food.

  6. “How I Wish The Head Line Could Be/Read: ” Chombe Foods Limited And Other Companies Closed.”
    Thats For My Poor Mind,lol.”

  7. Kod ali pa chinthuziyu ndamene mukumuti Chombe ameneyu?coz xndkukuvetsani,ikani chinthuz cha Chombe tym imeneyo ali mwana,osati ichichi changati nkhwerechi

    1. inu mukukanika kulemba chichewa ndiye kuli chingelezicho mungachithe inuyo? osamangonena anzanu ngati inuyo mungalembe zomveka, bola mwamva zimene amafuna kunena

  8. Yes go on MSB. Go on even if it means closing our kitchens. We need quality products.

  9. Chombe food limited is a very old company in Malawi,do you mean that these Malawi bureau standard ppl have seen it today as dirty & not following hygienic conditions

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