Tsangano residents invade Burundians’ shops


Residents in Tsangano area in Ntcheu district on Monday looted shops of Burundian nationals in Mozambique as they were rescuing a Malawian boy who was detained by his boss.

PoliceAccording to the Police, Malawians got the news that a Malawian boy had been detained in Mozambique by his boss who is a Burundian staying in Mozambique.

The residents mobilized themselves to rescue the boy in Mozambique from the boss.

Confirming to the local press, National Police publicist Nicolas Gondwe said residents from Tsangano took advantage of the situation and looted shops belonging to Burundians in Mozambique.

“It is at that time when people with criminal minds started looting shops of Burundians at that side and we together with Mozambican police managed to calm the situation,” said Gondwa.

Gondwa further said that police are working towards the recovery of goods stolen from the shops.

The publicist also assured travellers passing at Tsangano of their safety saying police are patrolling around the area.

13 thoughts on “Tsangano residents invade Burundians’ shops

  1. Zonse zolakwika zokhazokha. The boy might have done something very bad but the boss would have found a different way to treat him. Nawonso aMalawi anzanga mmalo mongolanga bwana wolakwa basi kulangiratu Burundi yonse.

    1. Any proof of what you are saying?
      I am sure you are one of those lazy idiots painting Malawi a bad pictur

  2. Yes,the criminal minds,taking advantageof a situation,do ask ourselves,the shops,making businesses,in countries,do they have a economic responsibility in the countries they enter,or are they merely exploting,as they livee in communities but enter foreign countries and contribute nothing to the communties they live in,undesrtand,why shops,are being looted,is it merely criminal minds,or are the people fed up,

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