Black Missionaries set for massive DVD project concerts

Black Missionaries

Malawi’s flagship reggae outfit, the Black Missionaries will in the next two months hit the stages with two DVD concerts which are both part of their Kuimba 10 hits.

This will be one of the rare video projects the Chileka based band has been involved in.

Black Missionaries
Chikoti (C) with members of the Black Missionaries

Speaking to Malawi24 Upclose, Chief Executive Officer for the Cream Company – organizers of the concert – Timothy Adrian Chikoti said that the Black Missionaries are currently in South Africa where the videos will be shot and produced by an undisclosed media firm.

He said that at the moment, Cream Company is sorting out on venues for the shows in Blantyre, Mzuzu and Lilongwe.

“One show will be a pre-show and the one will be about the launch of the DVD. That will be in June and July respectively,’’ he disclosed while saying that this is because the band will be in South Africa for the project for three weeks.

When asked what moved the Black Missionaries to indulge in a DVD project, Chikoti hinted that the band would want to bring novelty to their projects and they saw it fit that to add value to the brand the reggae giants have.

He said: ‘’It’s all about making big moves I think it’s about time we went on the global screen. We have learnt that in order to be of influence we have to invest big to do so. This year it’s all about change and growth. When I was making this deal Anjiru Fumulani told me that he is doing this for the love of his fans’’

Black Missionaries
Black Missionaries boarding pose before boarding the plane to RSA.

The DVD project involves up to 7 songs from the album. According to Chikoti, the Black Missionaries told him they are into the DVD project to meet the concerns of their fans as well as show love to them.

The organizers have since called on the fans to be on the lookout for what promises to be massive and must watch shows for the reggae giants who are cooking videos for their DVD in a multimillion project in South Africa.

‘’We at Cream love all the fans and we want to give them the best,” he said.

It is rare to watch videos for the reggae group but with this DVD coming out by June, it’s something which is a novelty the outfit deserved to consider.

All eyes await the shows.

 (We will give you any details about the shows as time nears)



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