Villagers asked to share views on safe abortion


The Coalition for the Prevention of Unsafe Abortion (COPUA) has asked people living in rural areas in the country to share their views on whether Malawi should legalise safe abortion or not.

One of the officials at the organization, Darlington Harawa, was speaking at an event aimed at sensitizing people on the importance of their views on the matter.

At the event held in the area of senior chief Ngolongoliwa in Thyolo district, Harawa said views of people in the village are so vital on the matter.

health-alert-stopimageHe said the villagers know the dangers of unsafe abortion hence need to share their views.

Harawa added that there is the need for people to know the importance of revisiting the abortion bill so that when passed, the law should allow women to go to the hospital for safe abortion with the aim of reducing deaths of mothers.

Commenting on the issue, village head Mlangala of Thyolo said people in the village are aware of the dangers of unsafe abortion and added that mothers are still aborting unsafely.

According to village head Mlangala, every month in the village two to three women are reported to have aborted and at least four women die due to unsafe abortions every year.

He said there is need to reform the abortion law since currently it restrains mothers from having safe abortion.

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  1. What do they want from this program?pple be clever!what they want is keep oncollecting the liquid that comes out from the vagina to be used as lotions for the whores/women,they want this for rituals at their churches!be clever my sister don’t to be used like that.thanks

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