FAM grants licenses to 14 clubs


The Football Association of Malawi (FAM) Club Licensing System (CLS) committee has awarded eight clubs with licenses to take the number of licensed clubs to 14.

FAM Club Licensing System (CLS) manager Casper Jangale said by last Thursday, all the teams had met the requirements ahead of the TNM Super League kickoff last Saturday.

mzuni fc
Mzuni among the clubs with licenses.

However, only Be Forward Wanderers, Mzuni, Blue Eagles, Dwangwa United, Nyasa Big Bullets and Silver Strikers were the only clubs initially granted licenses.

The newly licensed clubs are Red Lions, Max Bullets, Azam Tigers, Mzuni, Mafco, Epac FC, Civo and Kamuzu Barracks.

Speaking of Wizards and the 16th team (Karonga United) that will replace Chilumba Barracks, Jangale said they will be waiting for the clubs to complete what they have been asked to submit.

“We are now waiting for Wizards and the team which will replace Chilumba Barracks to submit theirs, otherwise the other teams submitted what was requested of them,” he said.

The licensed teams are ranked according to the extent to which they have fulfilled the club licensing requirements.

Blue Eagles now top the list with 89 percent followed by Moyale Barracks and Dwangwa United who have 87 percent each.

Be Forward Wanderers who topped the initial list are now fourth with 84 percent, next are Red Lions with 83 percent.

Max Bullets have 82 percent, Azam Tigers have 80 percent while Epac FC and Civo have 79 percent each.

Nyasa Big Bullets have 77 percent, Mzuni 73 percent, Mafco and Kamuzu Barracks have 64 percent each while Silver Strikers are at the bottom with 60 percent.

Jangale further said the Malawi FA will continue monitoring the Super League clubs.

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