Visually impaired man killed by elephants

elephantsAngry elephants on Monday stomped a 36 year-old man to death in Mangochi district.

According to the district’s police relations officer, Roderick Maida, the deceased has been identified as Enos Matola.

Maida said the deceased was visually impaired and also had hearing difficulties.

On this night, Matola failed to hear and see the angry elephants due to his condition hence he was easily attacked by the animals.

When they saw Matola, the elephants charged at him and started stomping him.

Matola was seriously injured in his head and he died on the spot. A medical report showed that the man died due to too much loss of blood.



  1. Abale dziko likufunika litaunikanso malamulo ake okhudza za zinyama, chifukwa Nyama zolusa zikapha Munthu silichitapo chilichonse, Koma Munthu akapha Nyama Boma limamumanga. Ziri ngati kuti boma likuona kwambiri kufunikira kwa zinyama kuposa Anthu.

  2. Sometimes English becomes boring. They are lazy. How could they come up with the words stomping and stamping and yet they mean the same thing? May the soul of Matola rest in eternal peace!

  3. Akut too much loss of blood kkkkkkkkkk xool zamasiku ano zimenezi

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