Church urges students to be examplary

Bishop Peter Musikuwa of Chikwawa Diocese of the Roman Catholic Church has told over 400 Catholic students from institutions of higher learning in Malawi to be exemplary in all that they do.

Bishop Musikuwa made the call at a closing mass at Salima Technical College where the Catholic students met last week for a two day conference organised by the National Movement of Catholic Students (NMCS).

Bishop Peter Musikuwa
Bishop Peter Musikuwa: Urges the youth to set a good example. .

Bishop Musikuwa, who is the Bishop-in-charge of the youth ministry in Malawi, challenged the young people to remember that the future of Malawi and that of the Church is in their hands.

He advised them to be exemplary and conscientious in everything they do. The Bishop also urged the students to be at the service of their faith, church and nation.

During conference, the students took time to reflect on various Church teachings and were encouraged to familiarize themselves with Church documents such as Pope Francis’ “Laudato sì” and also the recent pastoral statement that was issued by the Bishops of Malawi on the state of the nation.

Dr Janet Banda, Malawi’s first ever female Solicitor General and Principal Secretary in the Ministry of Justice was guest of honour at the function.

Banda told the students to have great reverence for the word of God.

She said: “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of everything. If you want to succeed in your life and as a student, first fear the Lord.”

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  1. The future depends on the students. They must have a total confidence that there is a bright future in them if they follow the right channel.

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