Head teacher arrested for stealing school funds


Police in Dedza district have arrested a head teacher of Dedza Mission Secondary School for stealing millions from the school.

Dedza police deputy publicist Cassim Manda identified the suspect as 33 year-old Gilbert Phiri who has been working as headteacher at the school since 2015.

According to Manda, Phiri monopolised any school businesses despite the fact that the school has a bursar who is supposed to procure materials.

Cassim Manda

Manda: Confirmed the arrest.

On March 30, 2016, the school committee conducted an audit and it was that time when the committee discovered that K3, 757,000 was missing.

When he was asked about the missing money, Phiri told the committee that he had deposited the money into Matachi Factory’s FMB account and he showed them fake deposit slips.

The committee members however did not believe him and they demanded to go with him to meet Matachi officials in Lilongwe for verification.

Phiri refused to go to Lilongwe and the committee members reported the matter to Dedza police who later arrested Phiri.

When police initiated an investigation, they found a sack of documents concealed in a rubbish pit near house.

The documents showed that Phiri had misappropriated school funds.

The Police however could not recover the money since Phiri told them he had used it up.

Phiri will soon appear before court to answer charges of forgery which is contrary to section 353 sub section d paragraph (I) and theft by servant which is contrary to section 286 of penal code.

He hails from Kafa village in the area of chief Mwanza in Salima district.

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