Mutharika gives Chaponda final warning

George Chaponda

President Peter Mutharika has warned newly appointed minister of agriculture George Chaponda that he risks being fired if he does not take his duties.

George Chaponda
Chaponda (left): has been warned.

Chaponda was minister of foreign affairs and international cooperation and he replaced Allan Chiyembekeza who was fired as agriculture minister during the recent cabinet reshuffle.

But speaking when he opened tobacco sales at Kanengo auction floors in Lilongwe, Mutharika warned his new agriculture minister that he will not last long at the ministry if he does not deliver as expected.

Mutharika’s remarks also suggests that Chiyembekeza was fired for being incompetent.

During Chiyembekeza’s time as agriculture minister, the ministry faced numerous challenges including the food crisis which has affected millions of Malawians.

Experts were also questioning the ministry’s ability to manage the Fertilizer Input Subsidy Program after several inefficiencies in the past two years.



  1. chakuti mudziwe ndi chakuti chaponda sangachotsedwe .Mu cabinet yawo amene ali ndi mphamvu komanso ali close ndi president nde ndi chaponda.Amalawi dziwani kuti ngati chaponda wabwera ku ministry of Agriculture nde kuti kuli mpukutu wa makobidi womwe akufuna awusowetse,ife tili pano osaphetira kuti tiwone masamu ake.

  2. Olo zitavuta bwanj Chaponda sangachotsedwere2, incase atati ku agriculture ku zamuvuta,ndizot akhoza kungomusitha unduna,dnt 4gt APM adanena kale kut he cnt live pipo omwe adali nali mumdima wen bingu died,so Chaponda Oz Wd Hm 2!

  3. If I were Dr Chaponda I would have started pulling off jackets and neckties and put on gum boots ndi kachipewa ka tchingira ka alimi kaja, ndi wailesi yomakamverapo nkhani in case and start off wakumunda kuka galauza right away, to show his commitment kuti ntchitoyo wayilandiradi ndi manja awiri, if only I was the honourable minister of agriculture, I would have spoken to Mr president to help him with financial assistance and implement new ways of agriculture in Malawi, such as mechanical agriculture if Hon. Dr Chaponda was me, I would have tried my best to whip all sleepy oxen in my ministry and let them pull the plough and ridger until the mourdboard is is broken into pieces, somehow if I was Dr Chaponda I would have woken up all the dead agricultural schemes and ADDs as well as research stations into full swing and functionally viable, so as to aide him in someway, however, if I only was Dr Chaponda I would have refused to take such responsibility as he is receiving warnings prematurely, so when in case something happens in future, it has proven he will not be warned but booted off like mwala wapalegeni. I’m sure he is the very last hope Mr president has, and entrusted him purely, I would be very much convinced if Mr President would have considered Hon Mr Felix Jumbe into the position of ministry of agriculture, he is a man who really knows how to grip a hole and turn the soil into popcorn, mbatata and other agro-bezera, but since in Malawi when one is in opposite party even if such person has the capacity to do things basi zonse zimalowa lipolonje ndale basi.

  4. As Aleader He Iz Likely To Sound Lyk Tht 4 The Minister To Put Extra Gear Whn Performing Hs Duties & Ths Iz Also Going To Evry Minister In Hs Government,idnt Think With Tht Speach A Minister Cn B Worried! Mpaka Headline Zomwezi? Its Nt New To Hear Th President Speaking Lyk Tht. Bravo A P M.

  5. Mutharika is a weakling! He should have fired the likes of Chaponda, Mussa, Kalilani, Akweni, Goodal and the old guards. They are the reason Malawi is not progressing but retrogessing!?

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  8. Kikkkki warning warning yachani?akungofuna akupusiseni enanu chaponda will be next DPP President Proffesor ndidolotu angofuna achina PP ndi kwacha wawoyo agoneko tulo kenako muzamva chaponda DPP woyee!patsogolo ndi DPP patsogolo ndi achaponda.

  9. Iweyo ndiwe mwini nyumba chaponda ndiopempa malo sizingatheke kukulamula zikavuta kuvomeleza ndiziko limenelo school ndiinanso zikukuvutani basi sizingatheke wapakaliyala kuimba belu ifetikuyang.ana inubwana mkubwa osati chaponda

  10. Iweyo ndiwe mwini nyumba chaponda ndiopempa malo sizingatheke kukulamula zikavuta kuvomeleza ndiziko limenelo school ndiinanso zikukuvutani basi sizingatheke wapakaliyala kuimba belu ifetikuyang.ana inubwana mkubwa osati chaponda

  11. Mumupatsa warning bwanji pomwe ndalama mungogwetsa dairy?cholinga muziti akulephera pomwe wolephera ndiwe uli pa mpando waukuluwe

  12. Kodi Chaponda ndi Mr Ibu ali ndi mphamvu ndani? Msanamepo apa chaponda wabwera kumeneko chifukwa kukuyembekezeka kubwera khobili lambiri

  13. But this should not be done to Agriculture ministry only, other ministries like finance, Sports, health and home affairs need some changes.

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