Malawi commemorates World Street Kids Day

street kids Malawi

Malawi on Tuesday joined other countries in the world in commemorating World Street Kids Day.

The comemoration ceremony in Lilongwe was organised by Sweet Aroma Christ Organisation in Collaboration with Youth Network and Counselling (YONECO) and Lilongwe Social Rehabilitation Centre.

According to James Mhone, organising chairman of the function, the function was aimed at giving street kids a platform to speak out their concerns that they face in the streets.

street kids Malawi
Street children in Malawi.

Mhone who is also executive director of Sweet Aroma Christ said that their organisation works hand in hand with the government to help reduce the increase of street kids the country’s cities.

“People always say that street kids are immoral but let me tell you that these kids just need good care for them to be responsible citizens, some of these kids are not in the streets willingly but it is because of challenges beyond their control,” Mhone said.

Speaking at the function Mr Sakwiya, an official from Lilongwe Social Rehabilitation Centre said the aim of government is to find best alternatives with the aim of trimming the number of street kids in the country.

Sakwiya said the kids sometimes find themselves in the streets because of poverty and various child abuse they go through in their families.

“Sometimes when the parents break up kids lack full support from their parents, this then force some of the kids to go in the streets to earn a living,” Sakwiya said.

Lilongwe Social Rehabilitation Centre  said the government institution was established to take care and mould street kids into responsible citizens by imparting in them good skills of life that can help them contribute to the social economic development of the country.

One of the street kids at the function disclosed that he decided to go in the streets because his father was abusing him like beating him without proper reasons. The child later started staying at Lilongwe Social Rehabilitation Centre.

Although the World Street Kids Day is still not recognised by United Nations, nations all over the world commemorate the day to solve problems street kids face.

This year’s function in Lilongwe was held on the theme “Child involvement in child protection.”

At the function former street kids, who now live at Lilongwe       Social Rehabilitation Centre, showcased their skills like singing and perfoming drama.