Govt unwavering on street kids decision

Dr. Mary Shawa

The Malawi Government says it will not relent on its decision to remove street beggars from the streets especially now when the process is at an advanced stage.

Principal Secretary in the ministry of gender, disability, children and social welfare Mary Shawa said the process of removing street kids is at an advanced stage and soon the streets will be rid of beggars.

Dr. Mary Shawa
Shaba: There is progress.

“We are at an advanced stage of removing street kids and it must be understood that those who give alms to the street kids will be arrested,” said Shawa.

She added that it is a criminal offence to beg and give alms to street kids and everyone found doing that must face the law.

According to Shawa, there are some people who are stubborn and still want to beg on the streets despite government’s warning.

She also said that there have been cases whereby those begging and giving alms were arrested and spent two or three days in custody in order for people to learn from them.

Earlier when the process was being introduced some civil society organisations opposed the initiative saying people beg out of desperation. But government gave a deaf ear to the plea and insisted the law is clear on issues of street begging. Some beggars however demanded to be given 50 thousand Kwacha per month if they are to get out of the streets.



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  3. This issues is mission impossible all over the world you will get street kids…as time goes on life change 4 them…how many do we have what & where y will keep them is this something like what #Hitler did 2 burn them in concentration camps…..#Eddie Amin taking all lame peaple & throw them in a lake….no deal do something better plz

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