Uladi Mussa faces arrest

Uladi Mussa

Vocal Peoples Party (PP) Acting President Uladi Mussa faces arrest over allegations he granted citizenship to illegal immigrants from Burundi, Rwanda and other war prone countries when he served as Minister of Home Affairs and Internal Security some years ago – in a series of instances that saw him obtaining millions of money.

According to reports, information that the law enforcers are gathering now indicates that the Salima South Member of Parliament made use of his post to to grant the citizenship to the foreigners who did not stand it to be granted a Malawian citizenship.

Uladi Mussa
Under probe: Mussa.

The incidents took place from November 2012 to until the PP lost the elections 2014.


”In one of the cases in the documents, Mussa is accused of granting citizenship to a Rwandese, Eric Banyana, who instead of applying for citizenship for only his wife, Kandenzi Alufongwa and children; Eric Havigineza and Angelique M. Eric, ended up adding six more people on the application list which was submitted to Home Affairs office.” documents on the evidences police are gathering cite.

As an adult and family man Banyana, based on laws, only had legal jurisdiction to apply for his wife and children under the age of 18 at the material time. Everyone beyond that age was supposed to apply separately for their own citizenship.

The ex Minister granted citizenship to all the people and in turn got a  bounty package.

His previous remark on the issue was a blame on the Immigration Department but it back fired on him with the department stating that ‘the applications are dubious as they were not fully completed and had several anomalies when compared to other documents presented by the Rwandese during previous applications dated 2008.”

These revelations come hot in the heels of an influx of Mozambicans entering Malawi and some analysts believe such poor stance at the Immigration Department could see other foreigners also make way to attain citizenship in Malawi with ease.



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  3. DPP is realy a party of dishonest pipo. Why not focus on the K577 billion cashgate in ur time? What u r trying to do wont move the country even a bit coz u r hiding real cashgate and corruption and u bring in some nosense with the aim of buying time. This government will never succeed coz it has disobeyed the Almighty God and they are being punished throughout their reign. Mulungu si James. Peter will never prosper in his administration until he learns to fear God. U will struggle until u die.

  4. Mkulu ameneyu amaoneka kuti anachenjeletsa kwambiri ofunika kumuthira nawo zingwe kuti achepetse speed,mwina u ‘change goal’ uchepe,amamalidzanso mawu kukhotsi otsayang’ana kuti mmawa libala chani.

  5. So which police will arrest Ulladi? The same police that does not have big enough eyes to find Njaunju’s killers?

  6. Kamutengeni he is failing to change goal 90min is over 60 min is over golden goal is over no where to go.AS a result making useless noise about the current pr

  7. Investigate the immigration officials as well, a lot of Nigerians flying overseas most of them use our passports. A dozen traders one permit, this is happening even now.

  8. Chipanichi Chilindi Owatsogolera Angati Mziko Muno? Kodi Chigawo Chilichonse Chili Ndi Mtsogoleri Wake?Osangothetsa Chipanichi Bwanji,kapena Ingopangani Convetion Kuti AMalawi Adziwe Chenicheni Tione Zotsatira

  9. Munthu Wothawa Nkhondo Angapereke Ma million Kwa Nduna?Atenga Kuti Ma Million Ngati Akuthawa Nkhondo. M’mangeni Pa Nkhani Zina With Some Sense. That Story Is Not Making Sense!!! Malawians Let’s Love Our Brothers And Sisters, We Are All Malawians. The President Is Encouraging Patriotism But Others Within High Ranks Are Preaching Division! Where Will Hatred Take Our Nation To? More Cases In Courts But Simply Wasting The Taxe Payers Money With Hatred, Ooooh! Fellow Malawian Leaders!!! United We Stand, Divided We Fall! Watch Out!!

    1. I Talk As A Taxpayer And A Patriot ,If You R Too Political You Should Sometimes Have A Humane Sense To See &Choose What Is Right! This Is My Opion !! Know Also That I Avoid Impoverishing Debate. Be A Member Of Parliament & You Will Be Rich With Debate!!

    2. Musa faces that arrest just because he is opposing peter mutarikas rule of the day .Thats all what i know.These african leaders have got problems once they are voted into offices they start politicising other politicians.Instead of developing our countries.But themselves steal alot of money when in power which is very un fair.

  10. tatopa mzongonamizira munthu,achina Kabwira akuchita kuwavutitsa a Police kuti awapititse ku court koma akungoti we are still investigating kkkkkk koma chaka chino ndee kuli kulandira ndalama for unlawful arrest.

    1. Ma donors ayamba kutipasa ndalama ndiye umaona ngati anthu angazidye motani.this is other side of cashgate but you cant arrest them because they are using school,panapita cholembera sipanama azathu akudyelera.

  11. So mcp mwayitengera kukhoti kt mloweseko chisokonezo kumeneko. Pamene paja kuzapangaso kafukufuku kwa Change Goal, nayenso kuzampezera zifukwa zomtengera kukhoti. Paja milandu ya aTcheya yilikale kukhoti konko koma oti chipani chawo chinapanga SUBMISION, amenewa milandu yawo tingoiyiwala.Aja amanena kt aulura zobisika kupalamenti, ndi aja anatisiya. AMzomera aja tinawathira kale Doom. A Kabwira nawo tawapezera zifuka. Pano tili buzy kupeza zifukwa uyu mumati Kamlepo. Pajanso ukali kuzafukila mpaka kwa uyu amati Bushiri. Zonsezi tikupanga kt tiduseko bwino 2019 iyi. Amene aanga matukutuku, tithananaye.

    Pamenepa zachitukuko ziyenda koma?

  12. Kkkk ts how our demagorge politicians behave when they are serving as ministers,what about ex- mining ministers….investigate them aswel u wll surplise,ndalama sizikwana munthu,

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