Mutharika hailed for maintaining lean cabinet

Peter Mutharika

One of the country’s activists has applauded President Peter Mutharika for keeping his promise of a 20 member cabinet.

The president reshuffled his cabinet on Thursday and Allan Chiyembekeza, who was fired as agriculture, irrigation and water development minister, was the only casualty.

The activist, Billy Banda who is Malawi Watch executive director said he is glad that the president maintained the lean cabinet.

”President Mutharika has lived up to his promise as he has maintained his 20 member cabinet and this shows that he has maintained the spirit of professionalism,” said Banda.

Peter Mutharika
Mutharika: Hailed

He added that the president is also showing the spirit of honesty and integrity by delivering what the people want.

He claimed that this is evidenced by the nod the International Monetary Fund has given Malawi over its extended Credit Facility.

“The donors are confident that the president is managing the country well,” said Banda

According to Banda, Mutharika believes in serving Malawians and wants Malawi to achieve a lot.

He then advised the cabinet ministers to live up to the needs of Malawians because that is what Mutharika wants.




  1. Bobby Rio, please don’t vex us with your your long winded description text messages about HIV and AIDS. They have nothing to do with politics. Why talking a different story? That’s rubbish and bullshit. Don’t repeat it.

  2. For keeping the number of 20, to be praised of? On my side,most of them are failing to peform,they are there to praise Authur Peter Wamuthalika not the Nation MALAWI. Kale mankhwala samasowa, misewu yinali yabwino, chimanga chimapezeka to mention a few. Mutalowa woyamikila mtsogoleri,zinthu zinasitha. Nambala yikhale yomweyo,koma pulezidenti tiyeni timuwuze chowona ndipo zenizeni.

  3. Appicement policy,some are in ministerial potfolial bcz they were togethor in wilderness.wth ds we cn nt develop,y cnt he choose pple who cn atleast assist him tu lebarate malawians from this agoney…”progress that ,begins wth idea that progress iz succesful”.kalirani out plz mr APM

  4. Peter muthalika akamaliza kulamulira ma 5 years ake awiri wa, timpasanso mwayi osiliza mng’ono wake alamulirenso zaka 10 ndiye .Kenakotizayamba kumasankha a Malawi ena.

  5. Lean Cabinet ,the same deadwoods.Two years in office what have they achieved for Malawians !? Recycled politicians whose heads have dried up.They are enjoying our Tax money for doing nothing. Myopic lean cabinet.Have you seen how Jean Kalilani has been moved from one ministry to another,Peter showing us an example of a minister who is a non- performer.Surely Kalilani is one of deadwoods in Peters Gvt.He is keeping her just bcz she is a night six.Can malawi develop ? search me.

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  7. Ngankhale zambiri peter zakuvuta koma pandunapa ukuyesetsa posamusiya a tupere voti yanga ndiyako basi koma iwe billy banda ulibe mfundo ungofuna udyepo

  8. Good To Hear Such Development,but Look The Devaluation,where It Is Going,uthane Nazo Zimenezo Galu Iwe

  9. No comment tizingoonela ndi nthawi yake iyi kupanga zomwe waganiza koma kumbukila ozakusankhanso ndiife anthu kusiliza kulamulila banja lamuthalika omaliza ndiiweyo

    1. SA country is far bigger than MW. The SA cabinet is more accountable and responsible than Malawi’s lean cabinet. SA cabinet has fewer bootlickers than MW’s cabinet who always tell the President good stories only while the situation on ground is something else. SA cabinet can agree with the parliamentarians to grill the President on issues of national interest. Here in Malawi, such a move can be equated to treason or blasphemy. Hope you’re not offended with these facts Bro. Stay blessed.

    2. no. not at all offended. What u said it’s fair enough it’s just that it was much smaller under Mbeki and Mandela and SA was doing relatively ok economically. now it’s bigger and our economic growth has stagnated. He has not only increased the number of portfolios but also the number of top positions for the same portfolio or govt department. stay blessed too.

    3. By the way, what u saying about bootlickers is true even in Zuma’s cabinet. opposing voices invariably come from opposition parties like the Democratic Alliance (DA) and new kid on the block the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF).

    1. Nde chomwe chakunyasa iwecho ndichani ? Olo akanakusankha iweyo kukhala presdnt , nawe zikanakuvutabe , vuto poyankhula simuzigwira pakamwa ai , malawi kukhala osauka sikut ikhale nyimbo ai koma kupanga zinthu muumodz nde chazeru

    2. malawi ndiyosauka munzeru komanso mind set ya atsongoleri ake from gov side up to opposition onse alibe ma plan otichotsa mu nsinga zaumphawi zimavetsa chisoni dziko la ntendere koma losauka something is wrong with us

    3. ok mr Edo tamva…..apa pasavute chisakho chikubwelachi…mudzavotele bambo anu chifukwa ndiamene angalamulile dziko mokusangalatsan inuo ndi family yanu…pot sitima imakoma akamayendetsa wina

    4. If were Peter i would shift myself to ministry of Justice or Home affairs and resign as president because that is where i belong. Fortunatly i am not a failed prof

  10. Keeping one promise out of 10 promises !!!..what about the others …..what about …reducing presidential powers …imformarion bill ..nsanje inland port…etc ???As you are praising him dont forget also to remind him that He has along way to go ….

    1. Talk about yo Country bsds Peter never insulted the President,what’s wrong with you #WILLARD r u still walking in triangle o something?

    1. Who is blind here someone who doesn’t see that the cabinet is indeed within the promised 20 the performance is onother chapter I guess

    2. The one who is blind will identify himself. The midnight six r owez there as a reward for their loyalty to the party NOT Malawians despite their underperformance. It doesn’t make sense stil maintaining the number 20 wit deadwoods.

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