Two die due to floods in Mzuzu

floods mzuzu

Two children – a seven year-old and an 11 year-old – have died due to floods that have affected parts of Mzuzu City.

mzuzu floods
A woman walks in a flooded area in Mzuzu

According to Mzuzu Hospital administrator Timothy Soko, the two children were taken to the hospital together with their mother on Thursday night after two walls of their house succumbed to heavy rains and fell on them.

The rains began on Thursday and fell through the night.  By Friday morning houses in some parts of Chibanja, Chibavi, and Chiputula townships were in water.

In Masasa and Hilltop locations some houses collapsed while roads were under water. The rains also submerged roads and damaged people’s property in Salisbury Township.

In the Northern region rain is still falling heavily even though the rainy season is coming to an end in most parts of Malawi.

Meanwhile, weather experts say the floods that are occurring in the Northern Region will not cause the Shire River to burst its banks since water levels in Lake Malawi were already low.




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    1. if you are talking of masasa their are not two who dead,the number is five in total, three from the same house, and two from the other house:

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