Manhunt for people who ‘stole’ albino baby continues

Malawi Police

Seven days after unknown people broke into the house of 25 year-old Madalitso Leman and abducted her 1 year and 11 months baby born with albinism, Whitney Chilumba, police say they are still on the manhunt for the criminals in Kasungu district.

Public Relations Officer for Kasungu Police Station Edna Mzingwitsa says the mother was staying alone in her house after her husband White Chilumba, who is a taxi driver left for Mzuzu on April 1, 2016.

Malawi Police
Police officers remain alert. (Library)

“Just as usual Leman went to bed with her baby but as she was waking up around 4 O’clock, her baby was not there. She quickly noticed a broken window which made her suspicious that someone had broken into the house. She then informed neighbours who tried to follow footsteps but eventually lost track of them,” said Mzingwitsa.

Mzingwitsa added that the mother reported to Kasungu police on the matter but nobody has been arrested in connection with the abduction of the baby.

The Kasungu publicist however, appealed to all Malawians who might have any information that might lead to the arrest of the suspects to come forth and help the police.

The mother hails from Chiziya Village, T/A Kapelura in Kasungu district.



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  20. I’m deeply concerned since i share the same surname with the mother, anthu aku KU chooooonde!!!!! join the police, mukaapeza agalu amenewa pliz, dont hesitate, burn them to ashes!!

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