“I am better than Callista,” says Dorothy Ngoma


…ranks Mutharika an average President

Former head of the Safe Motherhood Initiative who is also the head of the Nurses and Midwives organisation of Malawi Dorothy Ngoma has chided her replacement in the position, Callista Mutharika.


Malawi President Peter Mutharika

‘An average president’

In an interview with the media in which Ngoma was commenting on the current socio-political situation, Ngoma found an opportunity to hit at Callista who happens to be a sister-in-law to current President Peter Mutharika.

When asked how she would rate the performance of her successor, she did not hide her displeasure with the former first lady. Ngoma said that she was better than Callista under whose watch there has been silence on Safe Motherhood issues.

“There used to be chiefs, like Kwataine, who were very active in issues of safe motherhood but where are they now?” she asked mocking the reign of her successor.

She further commented on the reign of Peter Mutharika. She said that the Mutharika regime was mostly failing the health sector.

Ngoma cited the decision by the government to recall fresh nurses it had deployed and it’s failure to provide food to patients as cases of failure.

When asked to rank Mutharika, she said he is an average President who would get a 4 out of 10 in an exam.



  1. i no that noone iz all sugar! bt i hv seen & heard de gud works ov DOROTHY . can u sho or tel us the gud works ov KALLISTA she iz jst phwiiiii ngat MAYOR wa LL city very useles kkkkk

  2. Dorothy Ngoma is worse than Callista cos Ngoma has the worst Nurses ever who are far worse than Ward & Traditional Birth attendants. Read names to learn why Hospitals have become LIFE TREATENING.

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  4. How better are you? You thought biting the finger which is feeding your mouth is a cup of tea? All of you govt opposers, know that govt is your pay master. It can boot you out of the system should you draw battle lines against it. Atleast silence is golden. Kkkkkkkk . Mwanya mai! This is just the beginning of your downfall. Repent

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  6. If Malawi had such a fearless BUT hardworking ladies just like madam Dorothy Ngoma,Malawi would have been somewhere with development NOT most of these hqndcrappers,bootlickers and opportunity seekers making much of noise in political rallies, salute you madam,your courage.

  7. Ndikutulutsa Mzimu Wachilendo Uwu Uli Mwaiwe Wozitenga Kukhala Munthu Okutha Kuposa Ena Kodi Usanakhalepo Iweyo Panalibepo Ena? Kodi Unali Mpando Wakuifa Ngat Lumbilo La Unsembe? In The Name Of Jesus Out, Out, Out. Thank U Jesus. U R Now Free.

  8. Stupid Dorothy Ng’oma is simply bitter that she has been kicked out of her position. Malawi is now doing better on safe motherhood and child mortality than during Dorothy Ng’oma’s time.

  9. Kkkkkkkkk…. Iam not suprised with Mama Dorothy Ngoma in all what she has said. She is speaking the real truth of Muthalika administration that is always on average of which i myself believe all these.

  10. Zoona mama he cud av employed dis nurses ana avutika awa nzowawatu kukupanga post nkukubweza,mufuna anawa atani?????kuphunzira kumangokhala

  11. True That He Is Not A Complete President.He Is Just Good On Paper But Not Turning Ideas Into Actions.He Has Failed To Walk The Talk.He Is Not Visionary Nd Supportive.