Police nab two for theft by trick


BribePolice in Blantyre have arrested two men for stealing huge sums of money from people by deceiving them that they have fish powder, Malawi24 can report.

The two, Nelson Samu, 40, and Elia Banda, 45, were arrested on Friday, April 1 after well-wishers tipped the police.

Blantyre police spokesperson Elizabeth Divala said the law enforcers first launched a manhunt for the suspects after they received a report that the two had stolen K1.5 million from a businessman by lying that they have fish powder.

The law enforcers however managed to arrest the suspects near Limbe Cathedral in city after tried to dupe another person.

“The two wanted to trick someone but a well-wisher reported the incident to police before they had finally convinced the person about the fish powder,” said Divala.

The suspects are yet to appear in court to answer charges of theft by trick contrary to section 321 of Malawi’s penal code.

Samu hails from Mitawa village, Tradition Authority (TA) Likoswe in Chiradzulu district while Banda comes from Mukwangatiwa village, TA Zilakowa in Nkhatabay district.



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