Urban artist mocks Martse over beating


Hip hop artist Martin Martse Nkhata has come under fire from fellow artist for his behaviour which saw him getting beaten over the Easter holiday.

Martse is said to have been subjected to heavy blows on Monday on his return to Natural Resources College (NRC) where he is an alumni.


Martse (Without shirt) during the brawl.

It is not yet clear as to what led to the fight since many versions of the same story have been told.

Some claim he picked up a quarrel with another student who made fun of his USA trip, whereas other sources indicate that he was fighting for a share of goat meat.

Chavura of the Trap Squad spat provoking words to the Mwano hit-maker in a Facebook post yesterday.

The Blantyre based rapper said Martse was on a mission to find a new crush.

” Martse analowela ku NRC kokasaka mahopu a new one but things didn’t go as planned, he got a beating, ma blow, what’s happening to our American rapper? Martse is it Tima hater??”

However, Martse is yet to comment on the matter but a day after the controversy, he made an implicit post on a Facebook which read: “Njala, Nthenda, Nsanje.”

It attracted a mixture of comments; some condemned him while others sympathised with him.

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