Beliefs hinder provision of youth friendly services in Zomba

Zomba Central Hospital

Religious and cultural beliefs are among the factors hindering youth friendly health services (YFHS) in Zomba district, observers say.

Zomba Central Hospital
Health sector haunted by beliefs in Zomba.

Youth Friendly Services Coordinator Miriam Goliati for Zomba said although some youths are willing to get the services, they are discouraged by cultural and religious beliefs.

According to Goliati, this is fuelling the spread of Sexual Transmission Diseases (STDs) and unplanned pregnancies.

She added that service providers are also failing to reach people who are in rural areas due to lack of resources.

“The services are there, but we have number of challenges like inadequate of resources which make us fail to reach rural areas,” she said.

The coordinator pledged to conduct an awareness campaign in Zomba which will involve the districts’ leaders so that they should be aware of the issue.

“We have to meet these leaders to make them understand the services so that they can allow the youths accessing the services,” Goliati said



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