NGO launches campaign on health rights

HIV Test Malawi

HIV Test MalawiGlobal Hope Organisation (GHO) on Tuesday launched a programme aimed at informing youths of issues of sexual reproductive health and health rights and how they can address challenges facing them.

The function was held at Ntcheu district council office where GHO made a vow to improve HIV/Aids counselling which the organisation believes will improve the wellbeing of people living with the virus.

Speaking in an interview, Global Hope Organisation executive director, Caleb Thole, emphasised that youths aged 10-19 need to understand issues of sexual reproductive health and health rights.

He said such information will enable them to make informed decision and they will also know how to protect themselves against HIV/AIDS.

Thole said: “It is worrisome to see young people involved with multiple sex partners, drug abuse and other related malpractices that have brought a negative impact on a number of people being infected with the virus.”


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