Man shot by ‘drunk’ police officer

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Police officer shoots man in Blantyre. (Library)

A 30 year-old man in Chileka in the commercial city of Blantyre is helpless and in pain after he was shot by a police officer a week ago.

According to information made available to this publication, the man, James Black was shot last week Sunday, on March 13 at his residence in Undani village in Chileka.

The victim said on this day, he was coming from his wife’s home Chitungu village and was heading to his home village where he wanted to meet his brother in-law.

Black said before meeting his in-law, he sat down and joined a certain group of other friends who were busy watching a grader that was clearing a road in the village.

“I was sitting on a line watching the grader then a certain police officer came, we talked politely and he left.

“The officer later met a fellow police officer who gave him a gun and some live bullets and he shot my left hand for no specific reason,” said Black.

He further said when he went to hospital for treatment, he was told to buy Brufen since the facility did not have any medication.

According to reports reaching this publication, the police officer who shot Black was patrolling the area and was drunk on that day.

After the incident, Malawi Police Service transferred him on the same day in order to protect him.

However, the Chileka police have not done anything on the matter except telling the victim to sign a police statement soon after recovering.



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  2. mubwere naye ku Nsanje kuno timutenthe ife wa police ameneyo,Chibwana eti ukulephera kuombera mbava ukaombera munthu Osalakwa?

  3. Ndizitsiru Zimenezo, Kuombela Munthu 4 Un Known Reason?

  4. I should second what somebody has already said.Malawi24 I think you have now lost track and we as your readers we’ve now trust in you.You are now telling lies.Did you find out these things you are telling the nation?Was the police officer really drunk?Was the victim shot on wherever you are saying?Was the victim watching a grader?Tamafufuzani bwinobwino musanalembe nkhani?

  5. There’s no grain of truth in this story. What do you mean by ‘talking politely with a man in uniform’? And I seriously doubt if it’s possible to initiate and effect the transfer a person within a day. One also wonders why of all the people the officer just shot this unlucky guy?

    By the way, Munthu wazaka 30 kumaonelera grader in this time and age? Amalawi tatiyeni tikhale serious kuti mwina tingatukule dzikoli. Ku Chileka sikumudzi koti Munthu angadzidzimuke ndi grader in this digital age. Why is this guy so idle that he could waste time watching a grader instead of chasing money? Man amenewa andikaikitsa bad.

  6. Why most malawian policemen drink while on duty and in a uniform mahule kumbali,penapake i dont understand,drinking on duty is dismisal maan

  7. Why most malawian policemen drink while on duty and in a uniform mahule kumbali,penapake i dont understand,drinking on duty is dismisal maan

  8. Why most malawian policemen drink while on duty and in a uniform mahule kumbali,penapake i dont understand,drinking on duty is dismisal maan

  9. I av gone through your article @Malawi 24. Am sure u did not get the facts of the story from a reliable source, be it the victim himself and the police. This type of writing depicts that all u hav written here are just rumours. U did not do ur job as journalists to gather full information of the story thats why i can feel that the story is false. If u had done ur work thoroughly, u wouldn’t have reported a sketch of this sensitive story.

  10. Koma ukayitana aPolice kuti kwabwela akuba,amabwera pakhata 20minutes ati anaPhunzira Delaying Tactics,azikapeza akuba atapita.

  11. kod mob justice samaiziwa kumeneku et……tikanapanga kanyenya mpolice ameneyo….a

  12. That’s very bad a police akumatenga mifuti kumowa while on duty that’s very stupid end result yake izikhala imeneyo. ofunika tikawapeza kumowa ali mu uniform tiziwamenya. nde poti waombela mzakeyo ndi mwana wa boma basi consider nkhani imeneyo yatha koma tikanakhala inu ndi ine wathu unali okalowa kundende 20 years kuposa okuba ndalama za boma aja amakhalako 2 weeks! nxaaaiii..

  13. No smoke without fire. However, the police officer would have arested the guy coz this portrays his bad image and the department. Lets not take our laws in ou hands

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