Govt to introduce briquettes to replace charcoal


The Malawi government says it plans to replace charcoal with a biomass in a bid to conserve the country’s forests.

Briquettes: Government will use them to replace charcoal

According to the minister of natural resources, energy and mining Bright Msaka, government has plans to start manufacturing the modern wood called briquettes which will be made from trash.

Msaka said government thought of introducing the briquettes considering the high levels of deforestation in the country and claimed that this is the only way of conserving the trees.

According to the minister, this means the making and selling of charcoal will completely be banned. He said government will make sure that charcoal sellers have some other businesses to do.

“We know they rely on charcoal but the recognition doesn’t mean this is good. We just want to help them with some machines for the production of briquettes which is made from leaves, grass and other things,” said Msaka.

The government has been arresting charcoal sellers and confiscating the charcoal as a way of trying to curb the practice which according to authorities has contributed to climate change.



  1. Dats a gud idea but prblm may b wil b da price,once da price is high mo pple wil not afford then the end result pple wil continue using trees,we just beg u 2 make dem cheap so dat many pple can afford

  2. We can also use gas for cooking, to protect our forest. I would love if gover introduces Gas as one method of cooking. In so doing trees will be preserved.

  3. Instead of reduce escom bills so that everyone must use electricity like other countries ,,now you come with your fool stories we tired with your nonses,,plz leave us alone,,,

  4. Its a good idea but what will happen to ogulitsa makala, its their occupation so this will not work unless adziwapatsa ogulitsawo free charcoal to sell.

  5. Mr Minister. Stop ordering Nkhuku ya pa Makala in these Hotel workshops

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