Police arrest robbers who stole from NBS bank


Police have arrested two people for breaking into Nkhotakota NBS Bank in order to steal millions of cash.

The criminals broke into the bank last week after they climbed a fence that surrounds the premises and entered the building using a window they had smashed.

ArrestedNkhotakota police Publicist Williams Kaponda identified the suspected criminals as 28 year-old Weton Mumba from Saiwa Traditional Authority Makwangwala in Ntcheu and 38 year-old Jeffrey Phiri of Traditional Authority Jalasi in Mangochi.

Kaponda said the thugs did not steal any money from the bank since they failed to break into the bank’s vault.

“The thugs attempted to break into the strong room using gas cylinders but failed to enter. They only stole one CCTV [Closed Circuit Television] computer, 2 HP computers and went away,” Kaponda said.

Police used Anti Motor theft department in Lilongwe to track the motor vehicle registration CK 3369 which the robbers used.

The two suspects were caught in Lilongwe where they were found with weird weapons which are thought to have been used during the robbery.

However, two watchmen from UK Security Services Company who were on duty at the time of the incident are reportedly still missing.



  1. Iyaaa andikwiyisa….anakanikilanji kulowa chipinda chandalama? ngat chiseko chinawavuta kusegula bwanji thy didn’t use ceilling? kuba kophunzila mutakula kaleko ndikumeneko….mukalambila kundende sinanga simunabe doller na nga police muininga cha?

  2. Apolice aku nkhotakota adazolowela kusuta chamba.nangapalinkha yomangilana apa.chifukwa ninji amalawi mumafuna inunokha muzilemela.

  3. why apolice mukumagwira okuba ma millions okha. nanga okuba ma billions wa simumawagwira bwanji?popeza amenewa ndiamene akusaukisa dziko

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  6. Thats typical malawian. All that a malawian know is robbery, murder, rape and witchcraft, yet he keeps telling you that his is a God fearing nation. Wat a shame

    1. No the world is in a mess,becuase of what we accepted,our western laws,and the dollar,and what our leaders,have allowed for money

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