Hunger Crisis: Machinga residents ambush trains to steal Wheat


Police in Malawi’s Eastern region of Machinga have confirmed that people living along railway lines are ambushing trains carrying wheat from Mozambique.

According to the police, many people along the railway line especially between Nayuchi and Liwonde are now eating ‘nsima’ prepared from wheat flour.

Raided in pursuit of food.
Raided in pursuit of food.

The police further added that some people opt to ambush the trains with the aim of stealing diesel which they sell to minibus drivers in order to have a penny in their pockets.

Recently, some police officers were injured at Nayuchi boarder when they tried to bring sanity after people had ambushed train wagons.

During a meeting with the communities, eastern region police condemned the misconduct and urged people to stop it.

The development follows government’s assurance that the country has enough maize to feed hunger victims in the country.

Despite media reports of people sleeping on long queues to buy the staple grain, government maintains they transport enough maize to Admarc depots.



  1. Waku Malawi 24 yemwe wapanga post khani imeneyi akufunika akabweledze zautola khani zakezo,m’mene imathamangira train ndani anga pange zibwana zimenezo?Mmm please Malawi 24 try to report the truth musamasokoneze ayi

  2. zikusowa ndi ndalama not food. don’t humiliate us with all these issues of hunger,how can one ambush the train! Huh???? grrrrrrrr tired of this!!

  3. Akuti njala kulibetu ndiye tikamamva izi mwina musamatizunguze mitu yathu maka inu aDPP. Tikumva kuti ena akufera pa mzere ku Admarc ena kudya zikhawo ena ndi amenewa kuba mu stima.

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  5. Akulu akulu a mipingo, mabungwe, a pulezident, a opozishoni simungaitanise mapemphero aziko lonse iyayi?ikamagwa nvula bwino mumaitanisa mapemphero ku bingu international conference bwanji pano?mabvutowa sakukwanira kuitanisa mapemphero?mulungu akulankhuleni mwa padera pamene mukulingalira

  6. Not surprising a hungry man z an angry lion ( no one ll die of hunger in Malawi `Mr nilibe polubulemu’) crying fo ma mother nyasaland

  7. singing “Nilibe problem song”kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk and as long as am concerned,njala is yet to come due to poor harvest this year ‘Ladies and Gentlemen ‘Real njala is yet to come.

  8. Not true. Research fully before u publish. Dont play with people u can be sued. The wheat in question got wet due to rains and officials managing the train that loaded wheat decided to dump and burn it along the railway. This angered some communities who forced the officials not to burn it but later allow the people to share it. So u see anything relating to ambush in my statement?. Becareful when u want report on issues that concern human dignitity and integrity.

    1. Dats true bro these folks are gud @ twisting stories just 4 people’s attention.This news was also reported about Nkaya in Blk bt the reality was dat people were told to share the rotten wheat.

    2. So Malawi 24 is reporting false and unconfirmed news,I can’t blv they are behaving like kids at the crèche center,they must be ashamed of themselves as we expect true and confirmed news from the ,I thought they are qualified?

    3. @yassin and yohane you are just idiots,i mean big idiots!! do you think the company can dispose off katundu on the way to bt? katundu amapangidwa dispose off ku company not along the railway? its not a thing to do with the train oparator mind you the train is used to transport goods on tender not that the katundu belongs to railway company!!! you hear me IDIOTS!!!!!!!!!!

    4. Thanx for correction ths admn works from Uk, forgive hm for the old mindset he has for Malawi….tabwerani kumudzi mudzangoona. I stil dnt undstand “why is it that most ppo dnt like to be called Malawians in foreign countries where they reside as asylum seekers” When will we stand tall and talk good of our motherland? Most believe there’s not even one tar-maked road in Malawi, One or two folks asked me this before.

    5. Tedman am from there as well and i can explain beta because i do go to collect and if u dont blv yassin even me then there is something u want us to blv frm knw there is sense in what ur sayng bt also yassin has told u exactly what is happening and its true

    6. Tedman am from there as well and i can explain beta because i do go to collect and if u dont blv yassin even me then there is something u want us to blv frm knw there is sense in what ur sayng bt also yassin has told u exactly what is happening and its true

    7. Tedman or what ever u call ur self who do u think u are to call me Idiot. Do u know where liwonde is? Do u know the exact site where this wheat was to be disposed? U must be very stupid. We cant watch u and ur fellow fools @ malawi 24 insulting pple of Machinga because of wet wheat. ngati mumanyoza anthu aku machinga kale lomwelo. Ndiwe mbuzi. Uzifufuza. Its non of our biziness kuti kaya train iz there to transport or wht but what u should know iz that Anthu anagawana wheat yemwe amafuna kumuotcha pa liwonde…Nosense.

    8. ndiponso chimene angaziwe train yo ikamadusa sungapange pulani yoti ugwetse ube katundu never, musawanamizire anthu zabodza ,don’t take machinga people as your dogs ,zimenezo kwanu koko

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