Police erase data from Msungama’s phone


The Malawi Police Service in the country has handed a mobile phone to suspect Ulemu Msungama after tampering with it.

The police seized Msungama’s phone when they arrested him on treason charges but they have given the gadget back after erasing data from it.

Ulemu Msungama

Msungama charged with sedition

Msungama confirmed the development saying he has been given back his Samsung Galaxy S4 with data, call history, texts and contacts erased.

Msungama further said content in his mobile phone was extracted and WhatsApp has been deleted.

Speaking to the media, MCP deputy general secretary general Eisenhower Mkaka said police’s conduct was a breach of Msungama’s private life.

Police arrested MCP executive member Msungama, spokesperson Jessie Kabwila and legal adviser Peter Chakhwantha after a leaked WhatsApp conversation led the law enforcers to believe that the three were planning to overthrow President Mutharika’s government.

However, law experts condemned the arrests saying police erred by using the string of WhatsApp conversations as basis for arresting the two.

However, police officers contradicted themselves on the arrests as national police spokesperson said they arrested the officials and charged them with a case of treason while the Inspector general of police said they only took them to warn them.

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