Floods leave Karonga people restless

Karonga Floods

Floods hit Karonga.

As most parts of the country continue to experience erratic rains, a heavy downpour in Karonga district has left people destitute as their crops have been swept and their houses damaged by the rains.

Reports show that most people from the area of Paramount Chief Kyungu are seeking shelter at Wovwe CCAP church with school being suspended in most primary schools because people are seeking shelter in the blocks as well.

The villages which have been heavily affected are in the area of Paramount Chief Kyungu and include Kambitoto village, Kafikisila village, and Peter Mwangalaba village.

Situated in the rift valley basin, Karonga is prone to disaster resulting from floods, storms and earthquakes. The district lies on the northern shore of Lake Malawi and usually experiences floods in February and March.

However, last year the floods in Karonga also occurred in January. On that day, relentless rains swelled up the North Rukuru River and the resultant floods hit six villages in the district and displaced 47 families.

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