Suffix disobeys his parents, announces engagement


This is definitely not the news that all the ladies in Malawi who have feelings of affection for gospel hip-hop sensation, Suffix, would love to hear as the artist has declared engagement plans that will leave them with a broken heart for sure.

Suffix Mkazi wa Kumwamba


What is more fascinating is that much as the engagement ceremony is on, Suffix is yet to find a particular suitor who he can walk with down the aisle.

Making the announcement in his latest banger in which he teams up with another renowned gospel musician, Faith Mussa, Suffix says one’s ability to wiggling hysterically to the tune cannot work in having him seduced for a relationship or marriage.

In the tune, Suffix disobeys his parents who ask him to marry from his Tonga tribe from Nkhatabay. He rebuffs their advice, saying he will only marry a lady who is heavenly sent.

Faith Mussa helps Suffix who is as desperate and racing against time as the former with the hook.

Mkazi wakumwera toto

Wamkumpoto ndakakana

Chigawo chapakati sindikufuna

Ndikufuna mkazi wakumwamba

Currently on top of the Urban Music Chart, Mkazi wa Kumwamba is unfortunately out of the Official Malawi24’s Top 10 of the week within its second week of release. Generating close to 50,000 in all Malawi music streeming sites, Mkazi wa Kumwamba was produced by Dhalie Beats with DJee Sley weaving final touches. To download Mkazi wa Kumwamba click here

Suffix engagement ceremony is on but the hunt for a befitting rages on.

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