Bingu Stadium to have a police Unit

Bingu National Stadium
Bingu National Stadium
Bingu National Stadium: Hit by insecurity.

The ministry of youth, sports, and culture has asked Malawi police to consider setting up a police unit at Bingu International Stadium as one way of tightening security at the facility.

According to the ministry’s publicist, Christopher Mbukwa, the increasing cases of theft have pushed the ministry to ask Malawi Police to deploy a police unit at the stadium.

“To make the stadium more secure, we have applied for a police unit at the stadium and we have already received a positive response from the Inspector General of Police that they will open a police unit at the stadium,” Mbukwa told the media.

Mbukwa asked Lilongwe residents to take ownership of the multi-billion facility and has also urged them to abstain from stealing materials at the newly constructed national stadium.

“We are urging all the people to desist from stealing materials which are on the stadium,” he said.

Recently, Malawi Police officers shot and arrested Thomson Chigoneka who is a member of a gang which was stealing metal pipes at the stadium.

The Bingu International Stadium was finalized last year and the Chinese government is expected to hand it over to Malawi government in April this year.



  1. lingokhala bwalo laife ochewa kt kudzithethekera mbano coz kumalawi mpira nje chifukwa anyamata athu osewera mpira kukonda gwamula kkkkkkk,hahahaha police unit imeneyi idzakhala yochewa basi kkkkk.

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