Novelty: Sulom sets playoffs for relegated teams

Fisd Wizards

Super League of Malawi (Sulom) has announced that the three relegated teams in the 2015 Super League season will be involved in play offs in order to have 16 teams in the 2016 league season.

Airborne Rangers, Dedza Young Soccer and Wizards FC got relegated last season after finishing in the bottom three of the league.

However, Sulom and its affiliate had a meeting on 14 November in Lilongwe where the clubs proposed to have 16 teams instead of 15 in the league with effect from 2016 season.

Fisd Wizards
Wizards: One of the relegated sides.

According to Sulom statuses, Article 16 states that three bottom teams are relegated to the lower leagues, with three teams getting promotion from the lower leagues to the main league.

As per mandated by the new guidelines adopted in November, 16 teams are supposed to be in the 2016 Super League, forcing Sulom to use play offs in order to have the 16th team.

“We had a meeting on 14 November where clubs proposed a league with 16 teams with effect from the upcoming season. On Friday, Sulom had a meeting where we asked the executive committee to decide on criteria which will be used in order to have the said 16 teams.”

“There were three options to identify the teams and after a secret voting process, the gathering adopted to use play offs in order to fulfill what we discussed last year,” said Sulom general secretary Williams Banda.

He also announced that the play offs will be played on 11 March to 13 March at Civo Stadium.

“This will take place from 11 March to 13 March at Civo Stadium from which the winner will remain in the league,” he said.

The winner will join Max Bullets, Dwangwa United and Chilumba Barracks who were promoted from the regional leagues.



  1. Ma Young tibwerere ligi tiwachinyeso ma team…Dedza woyeeeeee!

  2. apa nde mbola bwanji,fisd yagulitsa nde hmmm kaya tiziona bt i can see airborn ikubweleranso though i dnt want i want Fisd ya mponda

  3. Hope the winning team will be given ample to comply with club licensing especially when its from the central region which is more likely. The sad part of it is that FAM n SULAM had to wait for these teams to loose their precius players n coaches in some cases for them to come up with this decision. Kodi tikukolola Tiligu or Nansongole pamenepa? Dzuka Sulom dzuka, that is why ive always argued that sulom shud remain a Fixtures dept for Fam basi.

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