Women arrested in connection with Big Bullets billboard vandalism


crime (2)Malawi Police this week arrested two women in connection with the vandalizing of a Nyasa Big Bullets billboard which was erected in Limbe township, Blantyre.

The two women are a wife to the suspected vandal and a woman who was keeping the billboard.

Bullets supporters Chairperson Stone Mwamadi said the club received a tip from a group of well-wishers after they had traced the main suspect who has been identified as Geofrey Kaindo from Soche in the city.

“The wife to the suspect confirmed that the billboard was sold in Mulanje, we travelled there for a follow up, but we didn’t find him, for he had returned to Blantyre,” Mwamadi narrated.

He added that the billboard was found in another woman’s house and the police arrested both the wife to the suspect and the woman who was keeping the billboard.

The club’s supporters’ committee said the police are still looking for the main suspect.



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