Electricity sparks behind Ngabu market fire

Fire Malawi

Heavy winds that forced two different electricity wires spark are behind the fire that razed down a greater part of the Ngabu market in Chikwawa district on Wednesday afternoon, eye witnesses claim.

Eye witnesses told Malawi24 on Friday that they suspect that the spark then scattered into the grass thatched sheds which caught fire in the process.

Fire Malawi
Fire (Library image)

It is after this that traders in the market then took to their wheels leaving the inferno eating up their goods and money before their efforts to put out the fire failed them as the fire had already consumed a greater part of the market.

“We were here selling our merchandise as usual. It is this evening when we experienced heavy winds that caused the two electrical wires from the pole to collide and resulted into this huge fire. We have lost everything including the money we sold today,” one of the vendors is on record as having told the Malawi News Agency.

He said over 20 vendors were allocated to sell various fruits at the site adding that they needed help from various well wishers to assist them as some of them came from far places and had nothing to start all over again.

“Government should help us so as to improve the market by building a modern market here. Because if we keep on relying on these grass thatched sheds, we will definitely keep experiencing such incidences,” he said.



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